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Custom Email Marketing

‎From design and delivery to testing and analysis we help you engage with your clients via direct mailing.

We ensure that your email marketing is integrated in to the overall digital marketing strategie. So sending the right message at the right time, is easy for you! Giving you highly effective bespoke email marketing solutions which gives the opportunity to promote your company, products, and services.

Analytics Tracking

Analytics Tracking

Ggain valuable insights to your subscribers and buyers.

Bounces & Unsubscribers

Don't pay again as we have automatic handling of your bounces & unsubscribers.


Pre plan all your camapign then schedule when you need your campaigns to send.


Dear ... With options to have bespoke personalising within your campaigns subject to data within your submission lists.

Duplication reduction

Don't upset your customers by sending multiple emails out to the same address.

Subscribers list integration

Remarket back to exsitings customers and gain new sign up's via your site.

Celebrating over 10 years in business

We saw an opportunity in 2006 to combine our geekiness, creativity, and problem solving talents, and over many drinks Ikroh was born.

We believed we could offer a compelling alternative to the larger ad agency organisations we'd left behind.

Where We are

We're based at the historic Bletchley Park home of the codebreakers. Just 40 minutes from London

IKROH is a forward thinking, highly ethical digital company. We are committed to reaching new heights for our clients by providing innovative solutions that work in the real world.

Founded in 2006, IKROH is a privately owned UK company with over 20 years worth of experience in the field of search. Specialising in Pay Per Click advertising services, we work as a close-knit team on a one-to-one basis with all our clients, which include some of the biggest brands in the world.