Case Study

Solar Power

Project Details

Project overview & background

  • CLIENT: Conergy
  • SECTOR: Solar Power
    - Responsive mobile first website design
    and development
    - Pay Per Click Advertising


Conergy is a worldwide company, based in Germany, with limited UK presence. They wanted to get to the front of domestic market for solar energy, communicating the benefits of being ‘energy level’ to their customers - that is to say, utilising the energy they were able to produce via solar panels.
With operations all over the world, Conergy needed to take advantage of their presence in the UK and connect with that particular audience. The issue lay primarily with their website, which could have been much more accessible for its UK users - however, desired changes to the website were lost in translation between Germany and the UK. The UK operation could not request or make changes, because they couldn’t communicate them due to a language barrier. IKROH came up with a plan to implement a brand-new website, as well as a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, to make Conergy’s presence known in the UK market.


IKROH’s strategy involved several steps - primarily, we wanted to create a responsive mobile-friendly site for the UK operation. We created all-new content for the site, written from a non-technical viewpoint in order to appeal to the retail marketplace, and we changed the website imagery to be more appealing to the UK market. We made sure that the UK side of the company had full access to the website, so if they wanted or needed to make changes they could do so with ease.
We also aimed to help Conergy appeal to the ‘middlemen’, the fitters for their solar panels, as well as those who would buy them. We worked on Organic Search Optimisation for them - we knew that being in the top 3 search results got them the best conversion rate from clicks to customers, so we wrote a script to help them maintain that position. Throughout our work with Conergy, we adhered to their brand guidelines, making sure their international presence was known.


Our strategy for Conergy resulted in high levels of Increased visibility for the company. The website we created was able to be controlled by the UK side, and changes could be made instantaneously.
The campaign we implemented caused a significant increase in traffic over a short period of time, driven by paid search that led directly to the UK site.

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