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  • CLIENT: Hollybank School
  • SECTOR: School
  • DISCIPLINE: Social Media Advertising / Website Development


Hollybank Trust is a charity that looks after children and young adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities, whilst promoting independence and dignity, and celebrating achievement in a safe and supported environment. They are one of very few places in the UK that deals with disabilities of that level of severity, and they approached us with a need to overcome some of the negative connotations of what they do. When a parent seeks the help of Hollybank, they have to understand that their child will be a resident there and they may not see them very often, so to overcome this significance IKROH’s challenge was to get the positive aspects across and extol the virtues of Hollybank and everything they can offer.


IKROH’s primary strategy was to use Facebook and social media marketing to get Hollybank out there. We wanted to show what they can do, and properly demonstrate how they have the capabilities, facilities, staff, and experience to help families in need. We aimed to raise both awareness and funds, by advertising Hollybank Trust’s charity events. We also wanted to raise Hollybank’s profile, so we worked to increase Facebook likes on their page on a significant monthly basis.
We developed Search Engine Optimisation for parents and family members looking for what Hollybank could offer, with a campaign including both positive and negative keywords. This helped to avoid wasting money, meaning Hollybank were able to get the most out of their campaign, and make sure that they could connect with the people that needed their services most and vice versa.


In 2015 Hollybank Trust hosted a very popular Family Day event, the success of which was attributed to IKROH’s highly effective advertising campaign and an increasing Facebook presence.
Here at IKROH, we’re proud that we could develop and produce such a successful campaign, uniting Hollybank Trust with parents and families in need of their services.

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