Ethical SEO Wins

Google is fighting hard against spam and this year the search engine has made a real effort to remove spam from its index. Google makes no secret that high quality original content will help to increase a website’s rankings, but writing at a high standard is a skill and unfortunately there are numerous article spinning websites taking the easy way…

Article-spinning companies steal content and use a thesaurus  to change certain words. This used to be enough to make the content ‘original’ once more, and allow someone who has invested very little time and money to re-use the content as their own. Google has now changed the algorithm to pick up on this kind of re-hashed content. This is not only great news to hard working content writers but it also means that end users will find better content in their results and help them find what they are looking for.

Another issue with spun content is that it simply does not make sense! An automatic program simply changes a percentage of the words within the document and re-publishes the content. We’ve all seen bizarre (and often laughable) examples of this. Many of the companies that do this are based abroad and language barriers can add to the nonsense that gets posted.

Despite Google’s new crackdown, however, when you type “article spinning” into Google you get this PPC advert:

Come on Google!  It’s time to get rid of this rubbish and stick to your guns!

If you’re tempted to use article spinning systems – BEWARE. You’re wasting your money. Even if it does fool a search engine, it will not fool your customers! Do you think they want to read rubbish that makes you look illiterate and quite possibly mad?

Make sure your online marketing agency is ethical and offers their clients the best possible (human) SEO copywriting service.

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

JC Penney’s Black Hat SEO Gets Busted

An interesting story this week: JC Penney has been penalised by Google for implementing black hat SEO techniques to boost search results. The department store claimed ignorance of the methods used to secure top placing for various keywords, but Google have taken steps to manually remove illegal links that were bought to increase ranking. In the last month, JC Penney has dropped significantly from the being the first result for numerous clothing and home furnishing keywords, effectively being buried by the search engine in punishment for employing unethical search techniques.

At Ikroh, we ONLY use ethical, organic, white hat search engine optimisation methods to achieve our results. With diligent, experienced and honest SEO work, your company can compete with the big dogs without resorting to underhand techniques – and as a result you will stay at number one and never be penalised.

The New York Times has a detailed article on the JC Penney scandal here.

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

The Difference Between Using Ethical And Unethical SEO



While using SEO, you will find there are many techniques and methods that will change the way your company ranks and the results it achieves. It is important that an ethical technique is used by your SEO specialist to ensure your company benefits in the most effective way.

When deciding on the best campaign for any individual client, it is not which method is most effective, it’s which method is most ethical. It is essential to understand the difference between ethical and unethical SEO to be able to avoid black hat SEO more easily, meaning your results will not become penalised. When choosing a Search Engine Optimisation firm to run your campaign, always be sure that they are using white hat SEO techniques to provide the results, or in the long run you will see your website dramatically drop within search engine ranks.

Search engines are constantly updating and developing new technology to crawl a website. Sites found to be using unethical black hat SEO will be deemed unimportant and can in some cases undergo a ban, affecting the website in an extreme way. You must first understand the different between white hat and black hat SEO before undertaking any changes, as what you may see as an ethical move could end with your site being punished. By using a black hat SEO technique you could, in fact, affect the future of your entire business.

Search Engine Optimisation is an advanced marketing technique which is continually changing, therefore it is our prerogative to keep up to date, making sure we remain specialists in our field and keep delivering fantastic results all round.

The best way to avoid unethical SEO is by using a trusted SEO firm like Ikroh, who will monitor and develop your SEO, provide you with results and report back to you on a regular basis.

by Wayne O’Connor

About Ikroh SEO tm

Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.