Twitter Re Design

Twitter have rolled out their new site design to their followers. The site is now ‘refreshed’ and ‘updated’, allowing their 500 million users to navigate and use the site more easily,

The Social Media Network announced the changes on Twitter (naturally), tweeting “We’re now rolling out a refreshed reflecting the look & feel of our iOS & Android apps”. The site now basically reflects their app design, and all the major design elements that were trending within the web design industry. The majority of the site has been changed from a black design to a white one, giving a more ‘pure & refreshed’ ambience to the site. The tweets now appear on a white background, therefore making them clearer and easier for the viewer to read and ‘retweet’. Various icons have been changed to mirror those that currently exist within the iOS and Android apps.

Twitter users now also have the chance to be creative, and modify their profile appearance. They now have the opportunity to customise the colour of the links they post, as well as the colour of the background of their profile overlay. Previously when Twitter went away and came back with a complete redesign of the site, they received an incredible backlash from their fellow tweeters, mainly because they completely changed how their user’s tweet and read other tweets, basically altering how they use the site altogether. Whereas this redesign takes a different approach, and doesn’t completely transform how the user uses the site. Although, this could always be the start of a new re-design of the user interface altogether; perhaps Twitter are just being clever and instead of taking sudden drastic action as they have previously done, they’re phasing a new interface in gradually…

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Twitter Advertising for Small Businesses

Twitter advertising for small businesses

Twitter advertising for small businesses

Following its recent IPO, Twitter has announced that it has opened up advertising for UK small businesses on the social platform. Its self-serve advertising system is now available for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) outside the US for the first time. Previously, only larger companies which had a working relationship with Twitter were able to buy ad space but now, “If you can Tweet, you can advertise on Twitter,” as Twitter product manager Ravi Narasimhan put it.

“All you need is a Twitter account and a credit card. You’re in control of your ads, the audience you want to reach, and of course your budget. Best of all, you will only be charged when people follow your Promoted Account or retweet, reply, favorite or click on your Promoted Tweets. You are never charged for your organic Twitter activity.”

The self-service advertising platform works in partnership with O2 in the UK, offering monitoring tools and support for SMEs to set up and run their new Twitter ad campaigns. You can even grab an extra £50 of Twitter ad credit by signing up for the O2 tool. 

Ben Down from O2 explained: “During conversations with our small business customers we are often told that what they really need is advice to understand how they can use platforms like Twitter. We believe that it’s our responsibility as both a large corporate and a digital services company to guide them. That’s why we are investing our time, money and expertise in this new social insights platform.”

Will your company be getting on board with Twitter ads? How will you rise above the rest of the birdsong and engage your customers with your tweets?

If you would like a young dynamic & fun company to look after your social media marketing, please call 01908 379938.

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#Facebook gets #hashtagged

facebook hashtags

facebook hashtags

Facebook has succumbed to peer pressure and taken to the hash. Hashtags, that is. Joining the ranks of Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, Facebook says it will be supporting the categorisation technique as of this month, along with the introduction of several other complementary additions, including trending #hashtags.

Facebook’s hashtags will be clickable and searchable, allowing users to browse through related posts from friends and pages they follow. At the moment there is no advertising support for hashtags on Facebook, through it seems likely that this will be added into analytics at some point. Clickable hashtags may appear to be a small addition to the social network (and some users have always insisted on using them on Facebook posts even back when they were effectively useless) but this is one of the only significant user-based Facebook update of the last year, with most other changes being aimed at advertisers and sponsors.

So… what are #hashtags good for? Well, here are the basics:

1) Use hashtags to browse a keyword or search term. Just like on other social networks, Facebook’s hashtags will allow you to search through relevant posts, images and videos. This is useful for tracking current trends, specific keywords and current events while filtering out the rest of the ‘noise’ on your timeline.

2) Draw attention to a specific subject or point. Whether in personal or business posts, hashtags can be used to add an extra comment, emotion, opinion, and provide a cheeky aside or afterword to a post. After all, no one does snark like Twitter, where hashtags have been in operation since the dawn of the tweet… #catchupFacebook #oooohburn

3) Hold a live chat, hangout or conversation. Hashtag chats are organised and made searchable and trackable using… you guessed it, hashtags. Say you wanted to put together a weekly Facebook conversation on your page around your products and services. Simply create a hashtag about it, for example: #SocialMarketingTips, then put out the word about when your chat will be held and encourage participants to use the hashtag whenever they post within the conversation.

4) Track promotions, advertising and marketing posts. For businesses, hashtags can be very useful to see what customers are saying about your brand, products and services. Encourage users to use related hashtags when they mention you or interact with one of your posts and you will spread your name further across Facebook. Or follow hashtags that relate to your industry to see what your target demographic wants and needs…

5) Include hashtags outside of Facebook. Add hashtags to promotional material, emails, advertising and on your website or blog. If you use a hashtag consistently across your different social profiles then wherever a customer searches for the term, they should be able to find information relevant to your promo or company.

What do you think about Facebook joining #teamhashtag? And how will your business be implementing hashtags into your social marketing strategy?

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Lady Gaga Hits The Big Time

Lady Gaga has hit the magic 20 million! No we don’t mean she is a multi millionaire – I’m sure that happened a long time ago. Lady Gaga has now got over 20 million followers on Twitter; she is the first person to reach the 20 million followers. Justin Bieber is not too far behind with a cool 18 million people following. Just because Lady Gaga has been so popular on Twitter does not mean that she has fallen behind on the other social networks. She has a massive 48 million Facebook fans! and over 800,000 on Google’s latest social network site Google +.  Google + asks people to add the favourite people into their circles. Although the search engine giant suggests people that you can to your circles, generally people have to search and find their idol.

Lady Gaga puts her social network success down to the fact that she updates her accounts personally. A lot of the top stars, use agencies to update their social sites and communicate to their fans. The agencies obviously are probably far more cautious about what info they put out in the public domain. However Lady Gaga’s posts & tweets are directly from her thoughts, this allows her follows, fans and people within her circles to really feel like they are getting to know the star.

Has her social networking gone to her head? Well she is preparing to launch her own site and inviting all her friends and followers to join her new site. ‘Little Monsters’ is due to launch shortly and rumoured to be like another new arrival on the scene – Pinterest. We will have to wait and see and we will be sure to report back our findings.

The power of social media, can it be harnessed and turned into profit? With the correct Social media campaign it really can. Lady Gaga is a case in point selling around 8 million copies of her latest album which was advertised via her social channels. Obviously not all of the 8 million would have be generated from this source but even a reminder from your favourite star that their new album is out would certainly help boost sales. So one of the most important rules of a successful social media campaign can be taken from Lady Gaga’s success. Engagement is the single most important factor that can make or break a social media campaign.