The Value of a Full Site Audit

There are many factors that make a website rank with a particular search engine. Unfortunately, they don’t provide detailed instructions on exactly what those factors are… Google, Bing & Yahoo are the three biggest search engines and Google is obviously the biggest by far with over 70% of the search market. Search engine optimisation works to increase a website’s ranking within the major search engines in a natural, ‘organic’ way. Whilst there are plenty of books, articles and blog posts available on “how to do SEO”, you are most likely to find the information is out of date even if it was published earlier this year! Google has made some considerable changes to its algorithm this year and many of the tips that worked in the past can now actually have a negative effect.

website audit

One of the first places to start with SEO is a site audit and a technical audit. These will ensure there’s nothing within your website that could be having a detrimental effect on your search ranking position, and make it clear which areas need to be improved or changed. For example: errors on your website will have an adverse effect on your rankings, as will repetitive content. Even the speed at which a website loads will have an effect on its ranking. Google is all about the user experience and a welcome part of the new algorithm is attention to page load speed – definitely one of the most frustrating things on the web! I don’t know about you but if a page is taking an age to load then it’s very tempting to just navigate away. Let’s face it, when we browse the internet, we’re used to instant gratification and we’re impatient – page load speed is a pretty fundamental aspect of a website and users now expect quick load times.

Web audits are the ideal way to find ways to tweak and improve your website’s functionality and usability which will in turn help to raise your search ranking. A full site audit can also be the perfect starting block for a website overhaul or to kick start a new SEO campaign.

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