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Email marketing can be a highly beneficial arm of your digital marketing campaign, but there is absolutely no point in sending out a promotional email each week or month if your recipients are pinging it straight to the spam folder or trash before even opening it. So how do you create emails that grab (and keep) your customers’ attention? And, more importantly, how do you use email promos to increase conversions?

As consumers we have adept at ignoring spam and scanning through promotional material, so a good way to approach your email marketing strategy is to look at it as creating (and maintaining) personal correspondence between you and the customer. Your content needs to be personalised, worthwhile, and distinctive from the rest of the marketing mailouts that drop into your subscriber’s inbox. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Welcome new customers and make a genuine first impression. Reward customers for signing up for a newsletter or registering an account with you – promo codes, money off vouchers and exclusive offers – and make their experience personal.
  • Show recipients why they should keep you off the spam list rather than spouting off about how great you are or keeping emails dull and perfunctory. Grab their attention with a subject line you can’t NOT click. Then follow up with great content.
  • On the subject of content, make it count – you may only have one chance to persuade email viewers not to unsubscribe so make each email unique and interesting. Highlight offers, provide subscriber-only codes, update on recent news, tease about upcoming events, and offer valuable information that is worth reading.
  • Your emails need to achieve two goals: to get viewers to read your content, and to get these readers to click through to your site or follow through on a call to action. Your emails should lead the viewer to a mutually appealing conclusion – to click or buy or act. It should be intriguing and irresistible to your customers and should provide you with something of value: a social follower, a purchase, feedback, whatever.
  • Once you’ve captured your reader’s attention, next you give them access – easy clickthroughs to your site, specific offers, hell – take them right to the checkout with the item you’ve just mentioned already in the basket and the discount already applied! Make it easy for customers to find you on social media or to contact you via email or phone.
  • Show customers they’re valued and that you actually know who they are. You can do this by personalising content according to previous purchase history: celebrate birthdays, tell them when an item they bought previously is on offer, recommend similar products and make educated guesses for what they might be after next. Give them a reason to stay a customer and stay subscribed.
  • Cut the promo spiel and get to the juicy stuff – provide useful content in the actual email so if the don’t have time to click through to your site they still get something out of reading it. Chances are next time they open their inbox they’ll feel favourably towards your email and give it a second look – and a clickthrough. Use multimedia, topical subjects, valuable info, tips and tricks – don’t just stick to sales and promos!
  • Finally, see your marketing emails as mini websites pinged straight to customer inboxes – use bold imaging and aesthetic layouts, add sidebars with useful links and social media info, reflect your branding style so that readers know who the email is from as soon as they open it.

Email marketing shouldn’t be a boring regurgitation of your weekly offers or a pointlessly self-serving description of your business, so make your promo emails truly worthwhile and boost your site traffic and sales with every mailout.

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Social Media Propaganda Posters by Aaron Wood

social media propaganda posters by aaron wood

We’re social media addicts here at Ikroh and we love these propaganda posters designed by Aaron Wood – they capture the personality of each platform so well!

social media propaganda posters by aaron wood


Social media can be a scary place, or the spark that ignites community spirit into a positive force to be reckoned with. From charity fundraising to raising awareness, social media is unlike any other form of information distribution – perhaps your business can incorporate the power of social media to support a good cause… If you need any help with your social media marketing, please call us on 01908 379938.

If you want a social media propaganda poster for your home or office, you can buy them from Aaron’s Etsy shop here.



About Ikroh SEO tm

Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Adding Comedy to Your Business Tweets

twitter marketing

There are a handful of brands on Twitter that rise above the rest of the babble with humour, cleverness, and just plain randomness. Of course, comedy won’t suit every company’s brand reputation but if your business doesn’t take itself too seriously, adding a touch of humour can really make your customers engage and relate to you.

Here are some of our favourites:

twitter marketing

Newkie Brown know their fanbase, and know they don’t stand for any nonsense…


 twitter marketing

Whoever runs the Skittles Twitter seems to have been shut in a small box with A LOT of skittles.


twitter marketing

Charmin – unflinchingly honest about what their product is used for (and aren’t afraid to jump on a hashtag when appropriate).



twitter marketing

With the success of the Old Spice TV ad campaigns comes another bizarrely hilarious Twitter account – contemplating the big questions in life.


Aaand then there’s Sega, whose response to this customer still has us giggling two years later…

twitter marketing

Finally, a bonus entry – not an actual brand, but so funny that they surely contribute to Bang & Olufsen’s success. Here’s Olufsen & Bang, a personification of the duo in tweet form:

twitter marketing


What does your business Twitter account say about you? We can really help you push your brand forward in social media marketing for more information please call us on 01908 379938

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

When’s the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

when to post on social media

Do you pay attention to when your social followers are online and interacting? Here’s a free tip: you should be. Social media is a fast-moving form of communication and if you are hoping for marketing success, you’ll need to target your posts carefully to your audience, including the most effective times to post content on each different platform.

when to post on social media

First things first, the answer you seek is not a generalised one. Finding the best time to post on social media will depend on your specific audience, their daily routines, their social habits, their preferences and so on. To get started, take a look at your social analytics. Facebook’s Insights will tell you exactly what kind of response your posts are getting, and even give you hints on when your followers are most likely to be online. Free tools like Tweriod analyse your Twitter feed and tell you when’s the best time to post to engage your Tweeps. Google Analytics can show you how well your social efforts are performing and which posts perform the most effectively. Make use of this data and create your own timeline guide for different types of content (text posts, images, videos, links etc) and different platforms (Guess what? Social users are active at different times on different social platforms!). Take the time to work out how to make your social media posts work most effectively – after all, there’s no point shouting into the dark if no one’s listening…

Next, think about your audience – their age, their marital status, their routines, their work schedules, their family life, their interests – all these elements will give you clues as to when they’re likely to be online. Would your audience be likely to check their profile via smartphone on their morning commute and sneak a peek in their lunch break, or will they be completely offline until the evening, at which point they’ll stay stuck to Twitter until they go to bed? If your audience is international, should you be targeting specific posts to UK time and others for the US?  On a Friday night, will your audience be out on the town or at home with the kids? You need to know this information if you’re going to make the most of your social media campaign.

For a more general guide to the best times to post on your social accounts, these guidelines might help you get started:


7am-9am – Depending on your target audience, commuter times can be useful for uplifting posts and links to blogs or articles for reading material while your customers are travelling. Posts aren’t likely to result in sales at this time, however, as customers on the go may not have a secure connection or the time to go through a checkout process.

1pm-3pm – This is a good time to post on Facebook as it catches lunch-breaks and pre-school run audiences who may have a little downtime before the evening rush.

7pm-10pm – Wednesday evenings tend to be a busy time on Facebook in our experience – perhaps that mid-week need for a bit of a boost? Make the most of this period by giving followers something to smile about, or a tempting offer. Some users may also use social media to organise their nights out on a Friday or Saturday evening, so if your company is associated with nightlife then now’s the time to push a special deal or entry discount!

Weekends 10am-2pm – Once again, your timeframe will depend on your audience’s habits, but generally folks are up late on a weekend and potter around until lunch time. During this time they’re likely to check in with their mates on Facebook to see what they’re up to, or have a look online to do some shopping…


7am-9am – Many users log on to Twitter on their commute, or while they’re eating their cornflakes – it’s a quick and easy way to update on news and check in with friends before work/school begins. After 9am, however, things tend to go quiet.

1pm-3pm – Like Facebook, Twitter is great for downtimes, and there’s often a flurry of activity around early afternoon. Make the most of this time and get chatty – if you can engage followers in a conversation you’re half way to a conversion!

6pm-11pm – On the commute or sitting in front of the telly, evening Twitter users can be massively active. Many Tweeple browse Twitter while watching their favourite shows, commenting and reacting to the action, so if you can work out what kind of programmes your target audience might watch, get in there and join the conversation! Twitter is also a great way of communicating for friends meeting up and going out in the evenings.

Google Plus:

9am-11am – More at the business end of the scale, G+ is great for getting early morning posts out to your circles and connections. Broadcast your latest deals, an interesting blog post, or a cool new product, and browse and follow other users to build your community.


7pm+ – Ever lost an entire evening to Pinterest or Tumblr? Yeah, us too. These social platforms are firmly the realm of the late browser, so take advantage of followers being online to post up your best images and links. Pinterest and Tumblr also have a strong US following, so if Americans make up part of your target audience you may want to target and schedule your posts to coincide with their time zone.

Hopefully you’re a bit more clued up about the most beneficial times to post on social networks, and if you ever need an extra hand in tailoring your social media strategy to be effective and cost-efficient, let us know – our social team will be glad to help!


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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Social Media Customer Service Done Right!

tesco twitter customer service

Sometimes a company gets its social media personality just right – there’s a fine line between being humorously playful and being unprofessional, but Tesco Mobile and Netflix have both struck a great balance in their recent responses to online customers.

First off, a Netflix customer service operator casually slipped into a Starfleet uniform to create a fantastic roleplay response to a customer complaint. Even better, the customer gleefully responded in kind…

social media customer service


‘Captain’ Michael turned an irritating complaint into an entertaining exchange with just the right amount of geekery – you can read the entire transcript here.

Tesco Mobile have also proved they have a cheeky sense of humour on Twitter, when what started as a tongue-in-cheek response to badmouthing of the network turned into a multi-brand online party.

First off, Tesco fired off some silly, snarky replies to Twitter users who were less than impressed with its street cred.

tesco twitter customer servie

Filipe took the dig with good grace and the tweet received a massive response. But that’s not the last of it. A few days later, Felipe received a DM from Tesco asking for his address, and the following parcel of goodies was delivered to his door:


Tesco Mobile also shared the love with other Tweeps who jumped on the bandwagon and defended the network against online insults – notably a fella called Ricardo who tweeted a pic of himself responding to a friend’s negative comment on his Facebook wall, saying “gotta love Tescos”.

@tescomobile quickly showed their gratitude, and the pair instigated a bizarre Twitter party, inviting along the Twitter accounts for Yorkshire Tea, Jaffa Cakes, Cadbury UK and Phileas Fogg (Walkers crisps declined their invitation…). The brands bantered and shared imaginary biscuits (or are they cakes?), embodying a very British tea party. The conversation really needs to be seen to be believed, so check out the full thread on Buzzfeed, have a cup of tea, and enjoy.

If you require any further help with your social media marketing please contact us on 01908 379938.


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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.