Social Media Checklist

Is your business social? If not, why not? These are the questions that any business should be asking themselves if they have not already joined their customers in the social networking arena. It is worth noting that your competitors may already be talking to your customers and, worse still, your customers may be talking back! If you want to get into social media but don’t know where to start, don’t panic. We’ve complied a quick checklist for companies looking to embark on going social…

social media management

  1. Be honest. This is the most important part of any social media campaign – be truthful, genuine and as down-to-earth as possible. Social fans dislike fakery and dishonesty, and being open with your fans means you can turn a negative comment into a positive one by dealing with it politely and trying to make amends.
  2. Say sorry. If your businesses gets it wrong, do the right thing and apologise. Most people can understand that mistakes happen, and in many cases you can make or break a lifetime customer by how you deal with your mistakes. Future or existing customers will also appreciate seeing how you deal with difficult issues.
  3. Transparency is key. Making sure your customers see that there is a human side to the business is vital and is an integral part of a successful social campaign.
  4. Respond quickly. People see social media as a platform that is outside normal trading hours, which is why it’s so useful and efficient. Most people realise that if you ring a business on a Sunday evening you are not likely to get a response, but with social media people almost expect an instant reaction at any time of day. If resources allow, try to have someone answer ASAP, even in the evening or over the weekend.
  5. Employ social management. It is vital to choose a social media agency that understands your brand. If an agency is writing content on your behalf they need to be able to answer at least basic questions such as opening hours and product/service information. It is also important for agencies to set the correct tone for the brand. If you can’t stretch to a agency management then make sure you have staff dedicated to your social media endeavours.
  6. Post once, distribute widely. If you run a blog or a news feed, ensure you link it to all your social profiles so that your news can be spread through social channels with minimal effort.
  7. Don’t be too corporate. People are interested in what your team are up to as well as your products and services. Share interesting and funny stories ‘behind the scenes’ of your company. This is a great chance to show the human side of the business.
  8. Encourage conversations. Once you have built up a reasonable community of followers and fans you will soon find they will talk amongst themselves but like any party the host has to get things started. Ask questions and let your customers discuss the questions together. If possible, tag (or at least address) individuals within the conversation in response to them as it shows a real personal interest and will also help to flag up the activity on their profile.
  9. Promote your social presence. Add social icons to e-mail footers and website pages so customers can find you on each of your social profiles. Why not even add stickers to your premises or car windows, or add URLs to your paperwork and flyers. Invoices or receipts are also good places to promote social campaigns.
  10. Be quick. If you have some news about the company be quick to share it socially. Depending on how interesting the news is you will be surprised just how far it spreads.

If you need a social media agency with a difference why not talk to IKROH? We pride ourselves on creating bespoke and adaptable social management campaigns for each of our clients, and thrive on building successful relationships and businesses online.

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Ethical SEO Wins

Google is fighting hard against spam and this year the search engine has made a real effort to remove spam from its index. Google makes no secret that high quality original content will help to increase a website’s rankings, but writing at a high standard is a skill and unfortunately there are numerous article spinning websites taking the easy way…

Article-spinning companies steal content and use a thesaurus  to change certain words. This used to be enough to make the content ‘original’ once more, and allow someone who has invested very little time and money to re-use the content as their own. Google has now changed the algorithm to pick up on this kind of re-hashed content. This is not only great news to hard working content writers but it also means that end users will find better content in their results and help them find what they are looking for.

Another issue with spun content is that it simply does not make sense! An automatic program simply changes a percentage of the words within the document and re-publishes the content. We’ve all seen bizarre (and often laughable) examples of this. Many of the companies that do this are based abroad and language barriers can add to the nonsense that gets posted.

Despite Google’s new crackdown, however, when you type “article spinning” into Google you get this PPC advert:

Come on Google!  It’s time to get rid of this rubbish and stick to your guns!

If you’re tempted to use article spinning systems – BEWARE. You’re wasting your money. Even if it does fool a search engine, it will not fool your customers! Do you think they want to read rubbish that makes you look illiterate and quite possibly mad?

Make sure your online marketing agency is ethical and offers their clients the best possible (human) SEO copywriting service.

About Ikroh SEO tm

Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

How does content affect SEO?

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting

Providing your website pages with relevant, informative content gives your website a greater likelihood of being ranked higher within search engines.

When writing content for your site you need to keep in mind the keywords and phrases that you are using in your SEO campaign, as well as ensuring that you are creating fresh and engaging text rather than re-hashing or duplicating existing content.

All content within your site is crawled by search engines, and allows them to discover what the subject of each page is. By adding additional content, you can add weight to your website and increase its authority and respect from the point of view of search engines, which will in turn increase your ranking.

Content can be added in a variety of ways, for example: a regularly updated blog; extra pages to draw attention to new aspects of your business or promotions; or enabling user comments and reviews.

A few considerations to take into account when writing content for your site are:

  • Plan what you are going to write. For example, schedule blog posts so you are adding fresh content each day/week.
  • Ensure your content is actually interesting! An obvious point, perhaps, but many companies misguidedly think it is enough to simply roll out recycled sales pitches rather than providing content of value.
  • What do your customers want to know? Research your audience and try to provide them with what they want.
  • Provide clear information and stick to the point. Make it easy for customers to use and navigate your site, and gain the information they’re looking for.
  • Think about layout – text too far below the fold might be missed by customers browsing a page, and excessive text without images can be overwhelming.
  • Proofread your text! Typos, mistakes and incorrect information make both your site and company look unprofessional, amateur and untrustworthy.

Our copywriters can help with content for your website, helping to provide useful, effective content to assist with SEO and the general success of your site.


About Ikroh SEO tm

Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.