How does content affect SEO?

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting

Providing your website pages with relevant, informative content gives your website a greater likelihood of being ranked higher within search engines.

When writing content for your site you need to keep in mind the keywords and phrases that you are using in your SEO campaign, as well as ensuring that you are creating fresh and engaging text rather than re-hashing or duplicating existing content.

All content within your site is crawled by search engines, and allows them to discover what the subject of each page is. By adding additional content, you can add weight to your website and increase its authority and respect from the point of view of search engines, which will in turn increase your ranking.

Content can be added in a variety of ways, for example: a regularly updated blog; extra pages to draw attention to new aspects of your business or promotions; or enabling user comments and reviews.

A few considerations to take into account when writing content for your site are:

  • Plan what you are going to write. For example, schedule blog posts so you are adding fresh content each day/week.
  • Ensure your content is actually interesting! An obvious point, perhaps, but many companies misguidedly think it is enough to simply roll out recycled sales pitches rather than providing content of value.
  • What do your customers want to know? Research your audience and try to provide them with what they want.
  • Provide clear information and stick to the point. Make it easy for customers to use and navigate your site, and gain the information they’re looking for.
  • Think about layout – text too far below the fold might be missed by customers browsing a page, and excessive text without images can be overwhelming.
  • Proofread your text! Typos, mistakes and incorrect information make both your site and company look unprofessional, amateur and untrustworthy.

Our copywriters can help with content for your website, helping to provide useful, effective content to assist with SEO and the general success of your site.


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In your Face(book)!

facebook for business

facebook for business

Beloved and detested and highly addictive, Facebook is apparently the 4th most visited website in the world. Despite waves of controversy, like Obi Wan Kenobi, it has been struck down and become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. As a social media platform for marketing and customer relations it can be invaluable. Here are Ikroh’s Facebook trivia and tips:

Did You Know…?

Facebook was originally set up in 2005 by 24 year old Mark Zuckerberg in his college dorm as a network for American university students. It was originally “The Face Book” but after a huge rise in popularity, the company shelled out $200,000 to buy the “” domain name in 2006 and let the rest of the world in.

Over 30 million users access the network via mobile phones – approx 12% of the 250 million members worldwide.

The Facebook movie, “The Social Network” is currently in post production, to be released in October 2010. It is based on Ben Mezrich’s book, “The Accidental Billionaires”, with the screenplay written by “The West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin, directed by David Fincher and starring, amongst others, Justin Timberlake. Yikes.

The Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory ruled in 2008 that Facebook was a valid method of serving court notices to defendants – a world first to proclaim that a summons posted on Facebook would be legally binding. Can you imagine the comments on that post?

Recent privacy tweaks and concerns don’t seem to have made a dent in its popularity – though a “mass exodus” was scheduled on May 31st of this year, only 36,500 pledged to quit. The final numbers are unknown but 36K is still a tiny proportion of the network. It’s hard to quit, evidently – it’s just so moreish…

Using Facebook For Business

Adding a Facebook page or group to your business’ online profile is easily done, easy to maintain and easy to personalise with hundreds of applications to choose from. If you’re just getting started in Social Media Marketing, you might want to think about the following:

  • Info – Add your company’s address, phone numbers, website and blog URLs and a good, succinct overview of what you do and the services/products you provide. People aren’t going on Facebook to read an essay, so keep it to the point.
  • Photos and videos – Facebook is a great platform for photo sharing, with apps to import flickr feeds, slideshows, YouTube vids, presentations and montages.
  • RSS feeds – Use the many RSS applications to import blog posts, tweets and any feed you have running to add to your content.
  • Status updates – Keeping updates regular, interesting, and finding that fine balance between professionalism and personality makes for a good wall. Posting things that will encourage interaction between you and your ‘friends’ will help spread your visibility across the network.
  • Make friends – Search for keywords and through groups with similar interests to find people who might wanna be your buddy.
  • Linkage – Put a “find us on Facebook” type badge on your site, your blog and any other online platforms you use, to help people join your network. Similarly, your page should have clear links back to your site and targeted landing pages.
  • Promote – Many companies run exclusive promotions just for their Facebook fans, giving an incentive to become one. Facebook is also a great place to hold polls, quizzes and competitions – its clientele have been conditioned over the last five years to expect its content to be fun and frivolous.
  • Make Yourself Useful – Post answers to common customer questions, give tips and ideas related to your services, announce new products and events.
  • Customer Service – Your Facebook page can be a perfect place for gaining online customer feedback, either by naturally occurring opinions and comments, or through polls and questions directly to your audience. Disputes and queries can also be resolved either through the messaging, chat or wall interactions.
  • Advertise – Through Facebook PPC advertising or just on page.
  • Get a URL – “Vanity URLs” are available once you have over 25 fans on a page, eg to make your page easily remembered and found.

Social Media Marketing, like SEO, can be a slow-building enterprise, but well worth the effort if done carefully and effectively. Facebook is obviously one of the leading social networks around today, and can’t be ignored when conducting a social media strategy, but as with all marketing, PLANNING is the key to a good result. Start off by working out your goals and aims, and realistically how you intend to achieve these. Ikroh’s blog has plenty of posts regarding all aspects of online marketing to help you get started.

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Good Blogging – The Power of the Ewoks!

blogging tips

blogging tips 

How do you keep your blog interesting and popular?

By programming a mini troupe of AI Ewoks to cavort across your homepage every time someone visits your site?

By offering a free back massage to every subscriber? (This would be more effective if you regularly stop traffic whilst out for a jog.)

By hosting exclusive real time streaming of an underground Apple VS Google fight club?

Yes to all the above. Though they might need some tweaking…

Keeping your blog exciting and interesting is not always easy but is worth the challenge. Producing a blog can be vital for increasing search engine optimisation ranks and delivering important information clearly. From a search perspective, search engines thrive on sites producing fresh and new content, so it’s imperative to make your content unique and engaging.

Hooks and quirks are another way to do this, but these need to be thoughtfully planned and seamlessly executed. Get a cup of coffee and take the examples above:

#1 The Ewoks. Depending on the personality and tone of your company, a gimmick or humorous aspect to your blog is often a winner. Something that shows you have a SOUL and a sense of humour can appeal to viewers and make them want to stick around, visit again and share this cute little fluffy forest dweller with their friends.

#2 The back massage. Unless you are actually a local masseuse, this might not be the best idea after all. But offering a promotion, a competition or some sort of benefit specifically for your readers can tempt others in, especially if you can offer something worthwhile. Let’s face it. No one wants a frickin’ coupon.

#3 The fight club. If we could make this happen, you know we would. And you know you’d come and watch. Imagine it: Matt Cutts and Steve Jobs, shirtless and bloody in a basement, fighting to the death… Ok, maybe not. The point here is to offer something totally unique, something controversial, or something undeniably awesome that people just can’t ignore. That, my friends, is how we go viral.

Ok, so we can’t give our readers dynamite offers and giggles all the time. And a one-hit-wonder blog post won’t get returning visitors if the rest of your content is twaddle. Most of the time we need to focus on writing well, stating our points clearly and in an interesting way. Don’t just rehash an article you spotted on a popular site or just spout advertising for your company. Make each post count:

  • Keep it short and to the point – waffle is no fun – you should be able to tell your audience what they need to know in between 200 and 500 words.
  • Make your blog easy to access from the main page of your website – duh, or no one will be able to get there… (And don’t forget to link back again – personal bugbear maybe, but I hate not being able to just click back to the main site from a blog.)
  • Provide a menu system making it easier to find individual blogs – a good archive or category list cuts down viewer search time.
  • Provide recommendations and be generous with your links to other sites – links breed links; if you think someone’s given great advice or has a perfect example of what you’re trying to explain, show them some love. If your article is well written, they may link back to you.
  • Provide links to different areas of your site directing viewers to extra information – make it as simple as possible for customers to follow the route they’re likeliest to take, and while you’re there, pop some additional ideas in their peripheral vision.
  • Always answer questions and respond to feedback, good and bad – it’s appreciated, professional and healthy for your customer service reputation.
  • Presentation and layout is important, don’t underestimate the power of the aesthetic – a badly designed site looks shoddy and untrustworthy, like a 2nd hand car salesyard with a pile of ripped off license plates in the corner…
  • Research your competitors within your niche, see what works for them, what they lack and what you can do better – because no one’s perfect, there’s always something you can improve on.
  • Being the first to delivering information (i.e. before your competitors) is a great way of producing extra traffic to your site – being original and current and topical can make you an authority.
  • Be realistic about the amount of posts you can handle (or delegate) – schedule your blog like any other deadline.
  • Mix things up with different media – images, video, music, slideshows and graphics all increase the visual interest of your posts and instantly add further distribution options.
  • Make use of social media and link your RSS feed to your Facebook page, add a Twitter sidebar to your blog, submit your articles to digg or reddit – get yourself out there and start connecting.
  • Stay professional. Nuff said

Blogging can be a big benefit to business and a great method of marketing, with or without Ewoks. No matter what your company is about, a blog can serve as a personal base from which you can really show the passion you have for what you do. If you’re not blogging, you’re missing out on higher search rankings, more site traffic, larger brand awareness and, above, all potential customers.

About Ikroh SEO tm

Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

5 Important Blogging Tips

With so many different online marketing strategies Blogging is slowly being seen as a little bit outdated. However, it still proves to be one of the most powerful ways of marketing a company and is definitely still a growing area.

1.Content and context.

When writing Blogs it is important that content is informative and comes across in the best possible way. Making your writing direct, informative and well structured will provide your Blog with a better reputation and keep readers more interested. This can produce better all round results and increase visitors’ brand awareness.

2.Use deep linking within your Blogs.

Deep links should be an area given a lot of attention when producing a Blog post. This will give you better results within the search engines, leading to a better reputation. Deep links will not only make a search engine look deeper but if done in the correct way will also increase your SERP’s.

3.Use keywords or phrases.

Researching and providing relevant keywords will give you the opportunity to compete within the specific market you are aiming at.

4.Keep posts regular.

Try to keep a schedule so regular posts are being made. Ideally once or twice a week, but if this isn’t possible do try to keep them updated with relevant content as often as you can.

5.Use marketing techniques for your Blog.

As there are more marketing strategies becoming available to us, you can also use some of the information you have put together for your Blog to build your reputation and increase traffic to your site, in the long term growing a larger business.