Filtering It Out

You’ve probably come across the term ‘filter’ when talking about images, but for those who haven’t experienced it, choosing a filter on one of your images can be quite a difficult decision to make. It depends entirely on what ‘vibe’ you’re going for, and what suits the image best.

The term filtering was mainly used at first in Photoshop, however it’s becoming more popular in terms of Social Media Networking, in particular by the popular Instagram app. Using a filter on an image can instantly add an exciting look to an otherwise mundane photo. It all depends what your theme and vision for the image is.

Yet again, we’re going to cover the concept of ‘storytelling’ within websites. Having a background that’s just entirely one image is extremely effective and striking to the viewer. Ensuring that this works effectively entirely depends on what image you chose to incorporate, but also what effects and filters are going to filter the image. If you’re going for a vintage/retro vibe, you’re probably best lightening the image and fading the colours in it, making the image seem older than it actually is. Whereas if you want to make the colours and the objects in the image stand out, it’s probably best to enhance the contrast levels, and have a play round with the hue and colourings. A black and white effect is great for enhancing various levels of light within a photo, and it’ll always be seen as a ‘classic’ effect.

So, next time you have an image you quite like, look into the image deeper and decide what’s best for you, and your image…and have a play with some filters!



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Twitter Re Design

Twitter have rolled out their new site design to their followers. The site is now ‘refreshed’ and ‘updated’, allowing their 500 million users to navigate and use the site more easily,

The Social Media Network announced the changes on Twitter (naturally), tweeting “We’re now rolling out a refreshed reflecting the look & feel of our iOS & Android apps”. The site now basically reflects their app design, and all the major design elements that were trending within the web design industry. The majority of the site has been changed from a black design to a white one, giving a more ‘pure & refreshed’ ambience to the site. The tweets now appear on a white background, therefore making them clearer and easier for the viewer to read and ‘retweet’. Various icons have been changed to mirror those that currently exist within the iOS and Android apps.

Twitter users now also have the chance to be creative, and modify their profile appearance. They now have the opportunity to customise the colour of the links they post, as well as the colour of the background of their profile overlay. Previously when Twitter went away and came back with a complete redesign of the site, they received an incredible backlash from their fellow tweeters, mainly because they completely changed how their user’s tweet and read other tweets, basically altering how they use the site altogether. Whereas this redesign takes a different approach, and doesn’t completely transform how the user uses the site. Although, this could always be the start of a new re-design of the user interface altogether; perhaps Twitter are just being clever and instead of taking sudden drastic action as they have previously done, they’re phasing a new interface in gradually…

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Do you get your news from Facebook?

Facebook news

For many people, their first port of call on the internet is Facebook, so it would follow that the social network might become an ‘incidental’ source for news. As friends and contacts share and post information, opinions and links to news stories, you may find you start to build up a picture of the day’s events before you even buy a physical paper or click through to a news website. A survey by the Pew Research Centre in the US found that 78% of respondents said they received news information from Facebook ‘without actually looking for it’.

Facebook news


One respondent explained: “If it wasn’t for Facebook news, I’d probably never really know what’s going on in the world because I don’t have time to keep up with the news on a bunch of different locations.” Does this sound familiar? The researchers said the results provide evidence that the social platform exposes some users to news and information that they might not have seen otherwise. “It may be the very incidental nature of the site that ultimately exposes more people to news there,” the Pew Centre said.

On the surface, the survey seems like a pretty positive development in the social world – providing a wider source of information for users, especially content that they might not have otherwise looked for themselves. With this rise in exposure, does it mean we, as social users, are becoming better informed and educated? The idea is pretty subjective, of course, and depends on the type of news stories that are circulated. The likelihood is that the links that are most widely shared are those that provoke conflicting responses, or are concerned with an inflammatory subject – great for a debate but not necessarily always the most measured and unbiased views. Think about the type of news stories you’ve seen in your timeline recently – have you been inspired to weigh in with an opinion, or share a link, or sign a petition? Is receiving your news from social media broadening our outlooks or narrowing it even further with the biases of our friends and family? Or are we completely overthinking it? Tell us what you think!

Pew said that ‘it may be the very incidental nature of the site that ultimately exposes more people to news there’.

It also found that fully 59 percent of all adult Facebook users and 53 percent of Facebook news consumers mostly access the site through a desktop or laptop computer rather than a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

10 Ways to Increase Your Customer Retention

customer retention

Businesses often focus their efforts exclusively on customer acquisition, and much of SEO, PPC and social media marketing is about driving traffic to your website and increasing conversions, but customer retention is just as important – if not more important – than bringing in new customers. Think about it – if your customers find your sales process or customer service sub par, so-so, or just plain terrible, they won’t come to you again. It’s all very well driving a ton of traffic to your site but we want it to stick, and to visit again and again and again… Increasing your customer retention rate by just 5% can raise your profits by 25-95%, according to the Harvard Business School, so it’s time to start refocusing your efforts!

Building a sustainable business means paying attention to your customer retention, and here are 10 easy ways to ensure your customer retention strategy works:

1) Create a community around your brand – Make your brand recognisable, familiar, and something that customers want to associate with, and they’ll become part of your ‘family’. Each brand needs to go about this in their own way (and yes, we realise it’s a sort of vague instruction – that’s what a digital marketing service is for!), whether it’s a quirky social media presence or strong core values that really stand for something worthwhile.

2) Promote the positive – A fairly obvious one, but studies have shown that highlighting the benefits (“over 100,000 customers recommend us!”) over the negatives (“without our services, 80% of companies fail…”) is a much more effective way of getting customers on board with your brand. Even if your negative statement is reinforcing your worth, the human brain is wired to get more excited about the positives.

3) Utilise intelligent targeting – Targeting your audience goes beyond simple demographics. Find what makes your customers tick – or, more importantly, what they aspire to be or have. Zoning in on these aspirations and idealisms with your advertising, marketing, social media, branding and products can create a strong attraction for your customers’ ego! Make your brand appeal perfectly to their desires, their goals and their view of themselves. Fill the existing demand rather than creating a while new one.

4) Simplify your process – Reduce as many hurdles and as much friction in your sales and enquiry process as possible. Customers want to get the job done as quickly and as easily as possible, and they start to get irritated when faced with too many steps, confusing processes, mistakes and slow loading screens. The easier it is for customers to buy, the more likely they will – just look at how (terrifyingly) easy it is to use Amazon’s one-click button…

5) Reciprocate  Show your customers a little love and make it worth their while to stay loyal to you. Go above and beyond to make sure they receive the very best service – better range of products, faster delivery, cheaper (or free) shipping, flash sales, special deals and vouchers, recommended products based on their previous purchases, social media promotions – spend some time and a little of your budget on really giving your customers a good experience, and one they’re likely to talk positively about to others. 

6) Keep the lines of communication open – Make sure customers can reach you – by phone, email, social media, whatever – as easily as possible. Websites that don’t provide clear contact details, or companies that are slow to respond raise big red flags for consumers, and they’ll always choose a business they can easily get hold of over one that is unresponsive. 

7) Make it personal – Find a way to show your customers you appreciate their repeat custom. When you communicate, get their details right, take notes of previous interactions and keep on top of your business relationship. Suggesting related products based on their purchase history can offer an easy conversion. Once again – know your customers and give them what they want.

8 ) Be there when they need you – Your customer service department needs to be on point if you want your customer retention rate to be high. Errors happen but they needn’t affect your sales so long as you deal with them professionally and quickly. The customer is always right and you should go above and beyond to fix problems when they occur. If you use social media, make sure you have a strategy in place to deal with complaints and negativity – a social media marketing specialist can be  invaluable if you have a busy social presence to make sure everything runs smoothly.

9) Focus on speed and quality – Customers want great quality products and services, and they want them now. Given the choice between a slow delivery and a fast one, which one would you go for? Given the choice between a high quality product or a shoddy one, which one would you go for? In both these instances, price will also play a part, but if you give your customers both fast service and great products, they are more likely to pay a premium than go elsewhere.

10) Do what you do, and do it well! You know your company best, and you should be able to translate what you stand for and what you offer to your customers clearly and succinctly. Don’t try to be a Jack of all trades – focus on what you do best, and offer the highest service possible to your consumers.

Keeping customers loyal means making them a part of your business ‘family’, providing a solid reason for them to stay with you (great prices, great service, great communication, great overall business ethic), and showing them that they matter to you as customers. For more help creating a watertight online business marketing plan, get in touch with us at


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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.