Watching the Background

We recently posted about using rich landscape imagery as backgrounds on a website, however many companies have decided to take this to the next level and use videos, instead of imagery, as backgrounds. Using a video as a background is definitely an effective way of capturing the users attention- that is if it works correctly for the user.

The quality of the video entirely depends on how the user is accessing the site. If they’re accessing the site through their mobile or tablet, the format of the video could end up looking completely disfigured. A responsive version would have to be put into place for users to access the site from their tablet or mobile device.

Videos can work superbly well providing that the user’s internet connection is reliable. If the connection is slow and unstable, it could take longer than usual for the video to load, therefore testing the users patience entirely.

Using videos as a background on a website can be risky, but if it comes across effectively, they can prove to be extremely captivating, and make a strong feature on any website.

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