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Facebook have developed a new page design for business accounts. The new design includes changes to the news feed, timeline and notifications panel. Unlike other social networking accounts, Facebook have slowly implemented the change on Facebook and have given the users the option to make the switch between the two, with plenty of notification of when the change is happening.

The new Facebook timeline has been designed to make posts look more consistent on the news feed, and is now all included in one panel on the right hand side, instead of two panels taking up most of the page. The left hand side of the page now showcases locations, photos and applications, basically everything that with situated at the top of the page below the Facebook timeline.

We have pretty neutral feelings about the new change on Facebook, but we can’t help but think that if something works well as it is, why change it? The only drawback is how the new timeline photo appears on the page. Your company name and type of business is situated on top of the timeline image, meaning companies have less creative rights to showcase their core values in their timeline image.

We’re sure everyone will get used to this new change, we just hope that it doesn’t change again in the near future- not everyone is comfortable with change, even if it works well, especially in social networking.

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