Filtering It Out

You’ve probably come across the term ‘filter’ when talking about images, but for those who haven’t experienced it, choosing a filter on one of your images can be quite a difficult decision to make. It depends entirely on what ‘vibe’ you’re going for, and what suits the image best.

The term filtering was mainly used at first in Photoshop, however it’s becoming more popular in terms of Social Media Networking, in particular by the popular Instagram app. Using a filter on an image can instantly add an exciting look to an otherwise mundane photo. It all depends what your theme and vision for the image is.

Yet again, we’re going to cover the concept of ‘storytelling’ within websites. Having a background that’s just entirely one image is extremely effective and striking to the viewer. Ensuring that this works effectively entirely depends on what image you chose to incorporate, but also what effects and filters are going to filter the image. If you’re going for a vintage/retro vibe, you’re probably best lightening the image and fading the colours in it, making the image seem older than it actually is. Whereas if you want to make the colours and the objects in the image stand out, it’s probably best to enhance the contrast levels, and have a play round with the hue and colourings. A black and white effect is great for enhancing various levels of light within a photo, and it’ll always be seen as a ‘classic’ effect.

So, next time you have an image you quite like, look into the image deeper and decide what’s best for you, and your image…and have a play with some filters!



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