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Twitter have rolled out their new site design to their followers. The site is now ‘refreshed’ and ‘updated’, allowing their 500 million users to navigate and use the site more easily,

The Social Media Network announced the changes on Twitter (naturally), tweeting “We’re now rolling out a refreshed reflecting the look & feel of our iOS & Android apps”. The site now basically reflects their app design, and all the major design elements that were trending within the web design industry. The majority of the site has been changed from a black design to a white one, giving a more ‘pure & refreshed’ ambience to the site. The tweets now appear on a white background, therefore making them clearer and easier for the viewer to read and ‘retweet’. Various icons have been changed to mirror those that currently exist within the iOS and Android apps.

Twitter users now also have the chance to be creative, and modify their profile appearance. They now have the opportunity to customise the colour of the links they post, as well as the colour of the background of their profile overlay. Previously when Twitter went away and came back with a complete redesign of the site, they received an incredible backlash from their fellow tweeters, mainly because they completely changed how their user’s tweet and read other tweets, basically altering how they use the site altogether. Whereas this redesign takes a different approach, and doesn’t completely transform how the user uses the site. Although, this could always be the start of a new re-design of the user interface altogether; perhaps Twitter are just being clever and instead of taking sudden drastic action as they have previously done, they’re phasing a new interface in gradually…

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