Adding Comedy to Your Business Tweets

There are a handful of brands on Twitter that rise above the rest of the babble with humour, cleverness, and just plain randomness. Of course, comedy won’t suit every company’s brand reputation but if your business doesn’t take itself too seriously, adding a touch of humour can really make your customers engage and relate to you.

Here are some of our favourites:

twitter marketing

Newkie Brown know their fanbase, and know they don’t stand for any nonsense…


 twitter marketing

Whoever runs the Skittles Twitter seems to have been shut in a small box with A LOT of skittles.


twitter marketing

Charmin – unflinchingly honest about what their product is used for (and aren’t afraid to jump on a hashtag when appropriate).



twitter marketing

With the success of the Old Spice TV ad campaigns comes another bizarrely hilarious Twitter account – contemplating the big questions in life.


Aaand then there’s Sega, whose response to this customer still has us giggling two years later…

twitter marketing

Finally, a bonus entry – not an actual brand, but so funny that they surely contribute to Bang & Olufsen’s success. Here’s Olufsen & Bang, a personification of the duo in tweet form:

twitter marketing


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