10 Ways to Boost Christmas Sales with Social Media

The countdown to Christmas is on! For online businesses and e-commerce websites, this time of year should be busy, busy, busy, but have you fully explored the options of using social media to boost your seasonal sales even more? Here are ten tips from the Ikroh social team on making the most of the holiday season:

1. Don’t over-post. You may have lots to say and plenty to promote over the Christmas period, but flooding your fans’ timelines with spam is not going to make them happy. Choose the right times and offer valuable content to customers that they’re likely to want to pass on.

2. Don’t forget to respond! Social media is the perfect way to interact and engage with existing and potential customers, so if they’re trying to connect with you, take the time to offer a personal message back.

3. Call in the professionals! If you have no idea where to start with social media, or are finding it hard to keep on top of existing profiles, then you may be in need of some expert assistance! The Ikroh social media team are fast, friendly, and fun, and know how to tick the right boxes and press the right buttons for your social audience. Let us know what you need and we’ll tailor a social package just for you.

4. Analyse the time of day your customers are online and socially active – schedule your posts to coincide with busy periods and boost your visibility.

5. Posts with images generally perform better than text posts, but it’s still good to provide a mix of formats to keep your social pages interesting.

6. Update cover images and skins for social profiles to reflect the seasons and to promote special products.

7. If you post videos on your social media accounts, keep them under two minutes long – ideally around 40 seconds. Shorter clips are more likely to be squeezed into a viewer’s day!

8. Trial and test different advertising options, such as boosted posts on Facebook – study your analytics and insights to work out which posts will benefit the most from an increased reach.

9. Comment on and blog about topical subjects, or find a way to incorporate the latest news into a post about your business or products. At Christmastime there’s so much to draw on for inspiration, so get festive!

10. Now’s the time to offer special promos and social competitions! Get your followers to interact with polls, questions, competitions and special offers posted on your social accounts. Find a way to make your promos unique, humorous, or truly desirable, and they’ll be shared way beyond your average social reach.

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