Social Media Customer Service Done Right!

Sometimes a company gets its social media personality just right – there’s a fine line between being humorously playful and being unprofessional, but Tesco Mobile and Netflix have both struck a great balance in their recent responses to online customers.

First off, a Netflix customer service operator casually slipped into a Starfleet uniform to create a fantastic roleplay response to a customer complaint. Even better, the customer gleefully responded in kind…

social media customer service


‘Captain’ Michael turned an irritating complaint into an entertaining exchange with just the right amount of geekery – you can read the entire transcript here.

Tesco Mobile have also proved they have a cheeky sense of humour on Twitter, when what started as a tongue-in-cheek response to badmouthing of the network turned into a multi-brand online party.

First off, Tesco fired off some silly, snarky replies to Twitter users who were less than impressed with its street cred.

tesco twitter customer servie

Filipe took the dig with good grace and the tweet received a massive response. But that’s not the last of it. A few days later, Felipe received a DM from Tesco asking for his address, and the following parcel of goodies was delivered to his door:


Tesco Mobile also shared the love with other Tweeps who jumped on the bandwagon and defended the network against online insults – notably a fella called Ricardo who tweeted a pic of himself responding to a friend’s negative comment on his Facebook wall, saying “gotta love Tescos”.

@tescomobile quickly showed their gratitude, and the pair instigated a bizarre Twitter party, inviting along the Twitter accounts for Yorkshire Tea, Jaffa Cakes, Cadbury UK and Phileas Fogg (Walkers crisps declined their invitation…). The brands bantered and shared imaginary biscuits (or are they cakes?), embodying a very British tea party. The conversation really needs to be seen to be believed, so check out the full thread on Buzzfeed, have a cup of tea, and enjoy.

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