Live Tweets Incorporated into Coca-Cola Ad

A recent Coca-Cola TV ad in Romania integrated live tweets into the broadcast via a subtitle bar, posting brand tweets that users tagged with #LetsEatTogether. A total of five to seven tweets were edited and added into each ad placement during the campaign, run by ad agency MRM Worldwide.

The focus of the campaign was to highlight the fact that 60% of people don’t eat meals as a family or with friends, instead sit alone in front of the TV. The chosen tweets included encouragement and invitations for people to eat together – in addition to drinking a Coke with their meal, of course.

As a result of the campaign, Coke’s Twitter following in Romania increased by 15% with hundreds of tweets being aired during the TV ads.¬†An agency spokesperson said that one of the most impressive outcomes of the campaign was that “it made people people actually wait for the ad. How often does that happen?”

It’s useful to think about how social media and live interaction can be incorporated into marketing campaigns, and how to build a loyal community following on social channels like Twitter and Facebook. With the rise of smartphones (approximately 75% of people in the UK now use one), people are multi-tasking while they watch TV or eat their meal; browsing online, making purchases and checking their social accounts. It makes sense to find a way to tap into this downtime and get people involved with your brand.

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