What Makes a LinkedIn Company Page Successful?

Over 3 million businesses have created Company Pages on LinkedIn, showcasing over 1.275 million products and services to customers and business connections. Does your company have a LinkedIn page yet? And why should you make one?

LinkedIn has presented details of some of the most successful Company Pages in the infographic below (including essential information about the amount of ‘ninja-related’ pages, obviously), and while some of the stats could be seen to be grasping at straws (hottest and coldest location, anyone?), there are some interesting insights into what comprises an effective LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn company pages

LinkedIn named Mashable as having the LinkedIn page with the most engagement, though since its target audience are regular users and advocates of social media, perhaps its stats show a skewed vision of the capabilities of a less internet-related company. The most useful stats, however, show which updates perform the best with users, centring around interviews, behind-the-scenes looks at businesses, and company branding. Next on the popularity list are posts concerning career opportunities. Then we have tips and how-tos, best practice guides, fun facts and quotes. LinkedIn certainly leans more towards B2B than other social media outlets but nonetheless a personal approach still seems essential in engaging with followers on the platform.

The business network also recently unveiled a new feature which allow users discover who has viewed their updates – statistics which will help determine how different posts perform with contacts of different ‘degrees’. Similar to Google Plus’ ripples, the tool can assist users to track posts and adapt marketing strategies accordingly. It can also help to forge new connections with followers who engage with different updates.

What makes your LinkedIn profile or page tick? And how do you engage with your followers on the business social network?

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