What have the IKROH team been up to this February?

Yikes, February is almost over! It’s been busy in the IKROH offices this month but we’ve still managed to get up to some bizarre and innocuous deeds, for example:

  • Steve dished out DIY advice
  • Dan’s security OCD reached new peaks when he locked AllieĀ inside the office
  • Allie became a coding whizz overnight
  • We all ate bacon sandwiches
  • Florence (our resident office baby) laughed a lot
  • Jo got distracted by the sun outside (What sun? Oh, it’s gone again…)

And of course aside from all of that there was the usual SEO, PPC, social media, copywriting and general digital marketing wizardry that we are so very good at.

What has your office been up to this month?

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