Facebook’s Mystery Meeting Boosts Stock Shares

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Facebook sent out invitations on Tuesday to a ‘mystery’ press event on the 15th of January, simply saying: “come and see what we’re building”. Intriguing to say the least. Speculation has surrounded the meeting, and stocks hit $30 per share on Wednesday – the first time in more than 6 months, gaining more than 3% on the day.

Facebook’s stock initially fell below $30 in May, with several rises and dips before falling to $17.55 a share in September. Mark Zuckerberg made a pledge not to sell stock and things have gradually improved alongside optimism regarding the new mobile and news feed ads.

So what are they planning now? The social giant made several significant changes to their format and privacy settings during 2012, notably the rollout of timelines to all accounts and pages, the acquisition of Instagram, the introduction of promoted posts, an updated mobile layout and, most recently, relinquishing user voting power when it comes to privacy changes.

Suggestions from the tech community on what Facebook are building have included:

  • new profile features
  • new monetising developments
  • the Facebook phone (despite Zuckerberg’s assurance that the idea is “the wrong strategy” for the social platform)
  • a Facebook-powered search engine

Whatever it is, they’re making sure they have everyone’s attention when they unveil their plans on Thursday. We’re certainly going to keep our eyes peeled…


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