Facebook Removes Fake Likes

As an agency we must receive at least ten emails a week asking us to buy Facebook likes and Twitter followers. The actual acquisition costs of these likes and followers tends to be fairly low – obviously so as to tempt hungry businesses… They are generally asking for a couple of hundred pounds which will buy you anything up to 5000 likes or follows. We can completely understand the temptation for a newly formed business to do this, as the first 100 likes or follows are often the hardest to achieve. However, if it smells like a scam, it looks like a scam and it sounds like a scam… it’s more than likely a scam. We would strongly advise any business tempted by these types of offers to stay well clear. Most of the accounts you will be provided with are either fake or hijacked accounts and is there really any value in having a fanbase that never actually buy or look at your service? The only advantage is the vanity and appearance of having thousands of likers or followers. 

Facebook remove fake likes

Facebook have now programmed automated tools to search for these fake likes and remove them. This will actually make Facebook a better place for businesses to promote their brands. We have seen substantial growth in business for the Facebook and Twitter campaigns that we manage by using natural techniques and fresh, informative content to bring followers to our clients’ accounts. Unfortunately the real way to grow the brand and the followers “likes” of the brand is traditional hard work – by engaging with your community and sharing interesting stories, content and images.

fake facebook likes

We think that if Facebook get this right it will help to limit the amount of spam on Facebook. Lets face it, nobody wants their news feed filled with rubbish!

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