Innovative Marketing – No One Can Resist a Big Red Button

If you came across a big red button saying “Push to Add Drama” in a quiet pedestrianised square, could you resist? This was the premise for the interactive ad campaign of Flemish HD channel TNT. We won’t ruin the surprise by telling you what happened next – you can watch the video below – but the innovative marketing strategy won not one but FIVE gold medals at the 59th International Festival of Creativity at Cannes, with the viral video becoming the second most-shared commercial on the internet worldwide.

We love this ad, not only in the way it’s staged and executed, but in particular the way in which it entices its audience in an irresistible and innovative way. And if you think about it, all the best marketing plans do… When you’re constructing your own adverts and marketing content, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. As consumers and audience members, what do we want? We don’t want the hard sell, or a convoluted series of requirements to get something ‘for free’. We want to be entertained, shocked, impressed and informed. We want to be given something for nothing, be it a couple of minutes’ of fun, or a genuine freebie that makes us buy into the brand behind it.

So next time you’re putting together a marketing campaign, top of your list should be how to get your customers to “push the big red button”…

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