Lady Gaga Hits The Big Time

Lady Gaga has hit the magic 20 million! No we don’t mean she is a multi millionaire – I’m sure that happened a long time ago. Lady Gaga has now got over 20 million followers on Twitter; she is the first person to reach the 20 million followers. Justin Bieber is not too far behind with a cool 18 million people following. Just because Lady Gaga has been so popular on Twitter does not mean that she has fallen behind on the other social networks. She has a massive 48 million Facebook fans! and over 800,000 on Google’s latest social network site Google +.  Google + asks people to add the favourite people into their circles. Although the search engine giant suggests people that you can to your circles, generally people have to search and find their idol.

Lady Gaga puts her social network success down to the fact that she updates her accounts personally. A lot of the top stars, use agencies to update their social sites and communicate to their fans. The agencies obviously are probably far more cautious about what info they put out in the public domain. However Lady Gaga’s posts & tweets are directly from her thoughts, this allows her follows, fans and people within her circles to really feel like they are getting to know the star.

Has her social networking gone to her head? Well she is preparing to launch her own site and inviting all her friends and followers to join her new site. ‘Little Monsters’ is due to launch shortly and rumoured to be like another new arrival on the scene – Pinterest. We will have to wait and see and we will be sure to report back our findings.

The power of social media, can it be harnessed and turned into profit? With the correct Social media campaign it really can. Lady Gaga is a case in point selling around 8 million copies of her latest album which was advertised via her social channels. Obviously not all of the 8 million would have be generated from this source but even a reminder from your favourite star that their new album is out would certainly help boost sales. So one of the most important rules of a successful social media campaign can be taken from Lady Gaga’s success. Engagement is the single most important factor that can make or break a social media campaign.

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