Build Your Website Around Your SEO Campaign

If you are thinking of starting a new company or already have an established business for which you need a newly designed website, it’s well worth implementing search engine optimisation into the design of your website from the very start.

Providing your website with a solid SEO campaign gives you the best chance of quick visibility and good rankings within search engines.

What are the benefits of building my website around SEO?

  • The best use of your initial investment by optimising right off the bat
  • A well structured website will help convert searching customers into clients
  • Better navigation helps users find what they are looking for quicker and easier
  • Better usability encourages users to convert and recommend your site to others
  • Extra visibility within search engines
  • A chance to compete with the largest companies within your industry
  • Achieve ranking on the first page of Google and other search engines

Spending a huge amount of money on a website does not guarantee you are going to profit when you go into business. Any online business needs the complete package of a well designed website and a professional SEO campaign, set up by a highly skilled and experienced SEO team. Getting your website right first time round and making sure it can work with SEO will guarantee you less hassle in the future and also decrease the risk of your business failing.

Creating a website from scratch can be a daunting prospect, but here are some fundamental questions to help you begin:

  • What is the purpose of your website? Sales? Information? Both?
  • How will people find your website? Consider integrating social media into your online business to increase the ways customers can find and contact you.
  • How are you going to monitor the results of your website? Do you have an experienced analytics consultant who can tell you where, when and why customers are converting or leaving your website?
  • Can a searching customer find what they are looking for quick enough? Is your site optimised correctly and appearing in search results?
  • What layout best promotes your content? Unprofessional looking or awkward websites are less successful.
  • Do you have images and multimedia to help to promote your products/services?
  • Do you have strong, visual, recognisable branding?
  • Are you using appropriate fonts, colours and designs to best reflect your company?
  • Are you using a good hosting company?
  • Are you using a reliable service provider?
  • Do you have powerful, unique content to add to your website?
  • Do you have an easy to remember, easy to spell, professional domain name?

There are many aspects to consider before going any further into website plans. Building a good plan and doing your homework to know exactly what market you are entering and how you are going to make all of this work online is massively important.

From a search engine optimisation point of view there are many aspects which we will take into account as to how the site comes across to the viewer, how it was originally set up and how effectively it works. We feel it is essential to integrate SEO into your website for real online success, and we can help you achieve that.



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