What do your apps say about you?

App report June 2010

The Distimo App Report for June 2010 makes for interesting reading on how app habits and choices vary from network to network and platform to platform. The analytics company measure trends in all the major application stores, showing who’s downloading what from whom. You can download the latest report HERE, but we’ve summarised its main points for you below. Because we’re just lovely.

  • More than 50% of payable apps cost less than $2
  • Android offer the most amount of free apps (57%) and Windows Marketplace for Mobile the least (22%)
  • 9/10 of the most popular free apps and 8/10 of the most popular paid apps in the Apple App Store for iPhone are games
  • E-reader apps are among the 10 most popular free apps for the iPad

Apple App Store for iPad

iPad users are choosing iBooks as their #1 free app, and Pages for the most popular paid app. The rest of the top ten for both categories are comprised mainly of weather, utilities and entertainment rather than games. A serious lot then – and suggesting that the iPad is used more for its programmes and utilities than for fun?

Apple App Store for iPhone

Angry birds lite tops the free apps for iPhone, with the rest of the top ten also filled with games apart from #10, which is reserved for a bit of social networking on Twitter for when the birds get too much. In the paid sector things are similarly game-oriented, with the exception of a battery maximiser at #6 and barcode scanner Red Laser at #8.

Blackberry App World

Blackberry users prefer utilities, social networking and themes for their apps, choosing Pandora as their #1 free app, and the Sky2 livescreen theme as #1 paid app.

Google Android Market

For non-gaming apps, Androids are making full use of the freebie GoogleMaps at #1, and going for Beautiful Widgets as their favourite paid-for app. The rest of the utilities category are made up of tools, entertainment and social applications.

For the gamers among them, a bit of old skool Solitaire is the fave free game, and Robo Defense the most downloaded paid app. They’re an arcadey, brain-training, puzzling bunch, filling their top 10 for both free and paid categories with these genres.

Nokia Ovi Store

Nokia users have the ZumZum game at #1 for free, and Shoping List 2.1 #1 for paid apps. The rest of the top 10 is comprised of mainly games, entertainment and music.

Palm App Catalogue

Facebook heads up the #1 free spot for Palm users, with lifestyle, entertainment and social apps featuring highly in both free and paid top 10 lists. Craigslist is the #1 paid app from the Palm store.

Windows Marketplace

With the least amount of free apps available, users are choosing Microsoft MyPhone as their #1 option, and Scrub Communication for their favourite paid app. The rest of the top 10 are made up of mostly utilities and tools.

 What are your favourite apps, and which do you find the most worthwhile? Ikroh‘s app department is currently in development, aiming to create bespoke apps for iPhone and Android of our clients, as well as our own SEO and Social Media tools for clients to download. Let us know what apps you’d find most useful for your business, and we’ll try to make it happen!

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