Ikroh Loves… a monkey parade, modern art and p*ssing off BP

Ikroh Loves…

On, this, the first Friday of July, Ikroh is spreading our love around.

How about your own Twitter parade? (Why a monkey parade, you ask? Why NOT a monkey parade?) An ego stroking exhibition of just how many Twits adore you (or monkeys), in flash form. Giggle at those who get turned into yappy dogs. See what everyone’s saying in one big crowd of funny-headed avatars. Like most things in life, it’s over all too quickly. Let’s do it again… Visit IS parade to make your own.

Museum of Modern Tweets – Artist Odessa Begay gives you something to do with Twitter on a Tuesday (because it’s always a bit of a ‘meh’ day, huh?). Each week he takes a celebrity’s tweet and transforms it into a weird and wonderful representation.

Vuvuzelas for BP – A campaign on Kickstarter to thoroughly irritate BP for a day with an army of vuvuzela-players (or should that be blowers, it’s not like they qualify as a music instrument… more like a cross between a depressed elephant and an upset stomach) non-stop vuvuzela-ing outside the London headquarters. Web video producer, Adam Quirk is the brain behind the bizarreness, and his annoying creation has already surpassed his original budget – all excess money is going to the Gulf Disaster Fund.

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