Why Social Media is so Important for Brand Awareness

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Social media is one of the most powerful forms of modern marketing and is proving to be a very important factor in any SEO campaign. One of the best opportunities available through building a social media presence is to increase your brand awareness. Rather than being just another business in a sea of similarity, social media can be used to promote your company’s personality, its uniqueness and friendliness; appealing to customers on a personal level.

  • Social media adds and extra dimension to your company, a human face to your brand and builds trust between you and potential clients. Use it to interact on a one-to-one basis and target your audience directly.
  • Word of mouth marketing is extremely effective, not only to keep existing customers confident in your services, but also to increase volume of new customers. Social media can be great for online personal recommendation, creating a natural buzz around your business.
  • It can be difficult to provide competition with larger companies when they have a bigger budget. Social media can be utilised for free and is well worth taking advantage of, as distributing content and information on these channels can boost your search engine ranking and increase your online presence.
  • Social media marketing is a fantastic way to deliver a better service to your customers. By making the most of this very open form of communication, listening to customer feedback and acting on it as quickly as possible, you will ensure you have a very happy customer base.

Be careful though… Despite the transparent, friendly nature of social media, you still need to remain professional and use each platform in a thoughtful way. A social media marketing plan needs to be in line with your overall marketing strategy. Keep in mind you aims, the image you wish to project for your company, and constantly assess how to make social media work most effectively for you.

Most of all, unique, engaging content is key to helping your brand stand out and be distinctive. Social media can be a great way to distribute this content, connect with your target audience and attend to your existing customers’ needs, all of these adding up to increase your brand’s familiarity and trust.

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