Putting Social Media Marketing into Practice

social media marketing strategy

So you realise it’s something you should be doing for your business. You know about Facebook and Twitter, you’ve heard of Reddit and Digg, you’ve got your last holiday photos up on Flickr and watched clips of pandas sneezing on YouTube… But how do you actually put Social Media Marketing into practice for your business? Where to start and what’s best for you?

Well, obviously, our first suggestion would be to come to Ikroh and let us do it for you, but out of the kindness of our hearts, here are a few free pointers:

#1 – Have Clear Goals: What are your goals and targets for Social Media? Do you want it to become a major asset to your company, a strong aspect of your marketing campaign or just a handy forum for communication with customers? Get these straight in your mind and start off with a firm foundation.

#2 – Use it Appropriately: Work out which platforms are going to be of most benefit for your business, and for what purpose you wish to use them. Don’t create five identical pages that just rehash the same old info – make use of the variety available to you. For example: Facebook for announcing promotions, Twitter for customer services, YouTube for advertisements or Slideshare for presentations.

#3 – Target the Right Audience: Who is your primary demographic and what is the best way to target them? What will appeal to your target audience most? Community based discussion? Technical support? Humour-laden tweets? Generous competitions? Monitor, audit and research. Work out what kind of information your customers are going to want to know, and how to get it to them most effectively.

#4 – Work Efficiently and Effectively: Be realistic about your resources and capabilities. How much Social Media Marketing can your company realistically implement and maintain? Social Media is not a one-hit-wonder. It’s set within a constantly shifting, changing world, and you need to stay on top of current trends, differences in public opinion and new additions to its ever-growing network. Content needs to be updated regularly to keep from becoming stale. Give yourself a viable target and then try to exceed it!

#5 – Innovate, develop and engage: Always push forward to create new interest, keep your existing viewers hooked and stand out from the crowd. The most successful Social Media Marketing campaigns have been those that draw customers in with inventive ideas, make them want to be a part of the brand and share that information with their friends. You need to create a network around your company that will continue to grow.

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