We’re not suggesting you cause a massive oil spill but…

…It’s hard to ignore the power of social media following the (ongoing) BP oil spill disaster and how the internet has responded:

@BPGlobaPR, the mock BP Twitter account with over 90,000 followers giving blow by blow satire on the situation and selling ‘BP Cares’ T-shirts for $15 a pop:

“Listen, we were just drilling into the Earth’s crust a mile beneath the ocean with shoddy off switches. Don’t blame us!”

“I’ve gotta say, at night the gulf really doesn’t look that bad.”

As well as numerous popular trending ‘hashtags’ like #bp, #oilspill, #bpcares and #boycottbp.

A Facebook-wide campaign to publicise the Amnesty advert (actually the issue was with Shell and the Niger Delta, but impeccably timed and topically relevant, no?) that the Financial Times vetoed:

Live feeds of the oil plume (broadcast by BP themselves after an appeal for the company to be more honest about the extent of the damage), and tickers (like the PBS one below) keeping track of how many millions of gallons have been spewed into the ocean:

Greenpeace UK’s ‘Behind the Logo’ competition to design a new BP logo – you can peruse the entries in their flickr group HERE.

Countless number of articles, news reports, blogs and videos uploaded and shared on networking sites, either badmouthing BP or bashing Obama’s response, and the odd ironic gem from the 90s:

It’s a real power to the people situation, if only the people had the power to stop this catastrophe. The reach and exposure of social media has ensured though, that no one is going to slink away quietly following the events of the last month. And it at least gives us hope for the future regarding the impact that the medium could have on non-profit causes needing to be addressed and publicised worldwide. We have the power to save the world, people, we just need to tweet about it…

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