Optimising for Google Product Search

optimising product search

Having products which can be found easily through Google Product Search is a fantastic way of generating more traffic and leads to your website. In some cases, when you make a search for a specific product, a shopping list will be shown within the search findings.

How Will This Benefit my Company?

Increasing traffic to your website results in more sales. Optimising products for the product search facility is a great way of marketing to generate further impact, helping your business grow.

Some aspects to pay close attention to when optimising your products are:

  • Try beating competitors for price – usually the better the price, the higher it will be ranked.
  • When choosing to use Google merchant centre, some required fields have to be filled in first. Certainly, only providing the minimum amount of information will get you by, but giving as much information as you can will acquire a more accurate, higher product ranking.
  • Choose relevant titles and descriptions for each product.
  • It is very important to optimise your description with keywords or phrases. This will also help rankings.
  • Getting products rated on websites like www.epinions.com can make an impact.
  • Keep an up-to-date feed. Try adding two or more extra submissions each week.
  • Having a feed which has been ongoing for some time will have greater benefit within search engines, producing higher ranks.

Optimising for Google Product Search is an important factor for any company supplying products to be purchased. It adds an extra marketing strategy to your business helping generate traffic and higher sales.

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