David Bellamy and the Earth Atlas

David BellamyAs Ikroh have been working on Search Engine Optimisation for Global Mapping’s sales portal http://www.mapstop.co.uk , Global Mapping invited our Managing Director and his family to the UK launch of the new Earth Atlas in Brackley yesterday. This luxurious atlas is hand bound in leather, with silver-plated corners and gilded edges, and contains 154 maps and 800 photographs with information about the Earth’s current political, social and environmental landscapes. The photographs are beautiful, depicting everything from the Manhattan skyline seen from the top of the Empire State Building, to adorned tribesmen in Papua New Guinea. It’s the sort of book that makes you long for a huge library to put it in…and start reaching for your passport and travelling to all the beautiful and unusual places shown.

David Bellamy OBE wrote the foreword for the atlas & was at the launch to mingle with the guests and have some press photos taken. Much to the surprise of our MD & his wife, David Bellamy asked to borrow their son for a couple of photos! The 6 month old seemed quite interested in the atlas, grabbing at it, but luckily not trying to eat it as he tends to with everything…with a £2000 price tag that would have been a very expensive teething toy! He was also fascinated by David Bellamy’s beard, and as a seventy-five year old with nine grandchildren of his own, David looked to be very comfortable with a baby in his arms.

As Daniel and his wife left David Bellamy echoed the words in his foreword, telling them to take care of each other. In the foreword to the atlas, he wrote: “Read it with care and then, in the knowledge that Earth is the only home our children and grandchildren are going to inherit, I beg you to treat it with the care it deserves.” The world now has a book encapsulating the earth as it is now. What will it look like when our Managing Director’s little boy is grown up? We can only imagine.