Trending Typography

There was once a time when typography itself was considered a ‘trend’ within the web design industry. However over time, it’s become a necessity. Nowadays we’re forever seeing various ‘trends’ within the continuous development of typography. More and more fonts are being created every day, therefore allowing an endless amount of opportunities and choices for web designers. Of course, the increase in choice also means that you have to be a lot wiser with what type of font you’re going to use.

Socialisation within the web industry is forever becoming more and more personal. Therefore, it makes sense that typography is developing a more personal format. Designers are now communicating on a more personal level through handwritten typography. Loose lines and loops, a few squiggles here and there, using the handwritten effect is definitely effective in making texts more personal. Implementing handwritten text can be made a lot more effective on a similar themed background, a piece of paper for example. Together, it can combine a great message on a more personal level.

Flat typography. You can probably see where we’re going with this. Simplistic, minimalistic, futuristic, all the characteristics that define ‘flat’ web design, put into typography. Clean lines, even strokes, limited use of colour, these elements of design can make words look sharp, and provide a neat crisp look to your site.

If simplistic isn’t your thing, or if you’re bored of the increasing amount of flat websites and want to stand out from the crowd, ‘mix and match’ typography is also becoming a more notable trend. More and more designers are using different types of typography to create a piece of text. You’re probably imagining a messy mix of serif and sans serif fonts right now, but it can actually look pretty edgy. It’s worth having a play around with various fonts, the key is to ensure that the text is still legible to the user.

We’re 99% sure that we’re going to be seeing more and typography trends within the next couple of months, and we’ll make sure we’ll keep you posted with the latest updates on this topic.

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Presenting A Portfolio

First off, what is a portfolio? Well, a portfolio is a collection of work, beliefs and skills that’s usually presented in the format of a folder. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in web designers and companies showcasing their recent works and ideas through an electronic online portfolio. It enables prospective customers and users the chance to explore and learn more about the person or company, and basically see what they can do skill wise.

An electronic portfolio is usually developed in a tile based design format. Different shapes can be collated together to create a wall of selected works, usually when the user scrolls over a tile, it transforms to then showcase key information about that selected piece of work. Ensure that the image or video representing the tile of your portfolio is strong, and resembles you as a person, and what you, and the piece of work stands for. Before anything, think about the way you want your work to come across, plan out a design pattern and stick to it. Portfolios can come across as quite complex and hard to navigate when constructed poorly.

More and more independent designers, developers and companies are now using an electronic portfolio that’s entirely image based to represent their ‘about me’ section on their site, and therefore are only using key points of content that best represent them and their work. To make it more a more engaging and interactive for the user, more and more portfolios online are implementing various effects over the thumbnail tiles. If you’re thinking about having an online portfolio on your website, applying a few effects on the tiles can be quite an interesting way for the viewer to scroll over pieces of work, it might even be worth having a different effect per tile, encouraging viewers to scroll over other various pieces of work, it also emphasises great user experience. It’s important to remember to keep in touch with the ongoing trends of web design. Keep effects simple and clean, too much complexity can distract from the actual pieces of work that are being showcased.

Portfolios can be a strong and effective way of communicating pieces of work to people on the web. If this is something that appeals to you, make sure that you have a good collection of work at hand to develop into a portfolio. The more work you have to showcase, the more effective your portfolio will be.

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

BBC goes responsive

The BBC has taken responsive web design to another level. Earlier this year, Executive Production Manager for the BBC Andrew Pipes announced BBC iWonder, a new interactive approach to responsive sites.

iWonder takes reading stories on the internet to another level. It takes the user through an interactive adventure. Instead of just reading a piece of content in its usual column state, iWonder organises audio, video, interesting info-graphics and activities to make the most out of interactive media.

The BBC are well known for providing rich factual information about important topics all over the world, and more and more people are accessing these topics from their mobile or tablet devices. According to the BBC, Christmas was the first time people accessed the BBC food sites more from their tablets than compared to a PC. If anything, this strongly proves that more and more people are using their tablet and mobile devices for convenience. Companies and designers these days need to consider the fact that having a smaller version of a website on a mobile is no longer acceptable.

The BBC have taken this on board, and their interactive guides fit to any screen format. They have released the first interactive guide based entirely on WW1. The user is asked to look at multiple perspectives, and a chance is always given for them to reflect at the end of the interaction experience.

iWonder basically has implemented nearly every ongoing web design trend for 2014, as well as taking user interface and experience to another level. It’s safe to say that iWonder is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.


About Ikroh SEO tm

Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.