Multi-device PPC Campaigns – Reach Customers on the Go!

multi device PPC campaigns

The digital advertising world is swiftly having to accommodate growing numbers of mobile and tablet users, adapting web design, e-commerce platforms, PPC ads and social media into multi-device campaigns in order to reach customers on the go. Google transitioned all AdWord accounts to enhanced campaigns in July this year in an attempt to simplify ad management for multi-device campaigns, providing new options for PPC campaigns but also bringing in new challenges for digital marketers.

Multi-device marketing is a huge feature of modern digital advertising, and not taking advantage of mobile and tablet traffic can be a costly mistake. Cross-platform marketing means that your ads will be seen on whatever device a customer uses, from smartphone to iPad to home computer.

multi device PPC campaigns

There are some clever little additions to AdWords regarding multi-device marketing, such as:

  • Target visitors within a certain radius of your location during busy hours by bidding up on your ads at certain times;
  • Track ad performance across multiple devices, for example a mobile click that leads to a desktop conversion;
  • Enhanced measurement of your ad performance on different platforms;
  • Use bid modifiers to influence the device and locations you want to target, and the time your ad will appear;
  • Mobile-optimised ads (though mobile-only campaigns are no longer an option);
  • Add site links at the ad group level (previously only possible at campaign level).

Whether you’re managing your PPC campaigns in-house, or you outsource to a dedicated paid search marketing agency, you need to keep in mind the importance of tracking and testing your ads to ensure they are performing as well as possible. The changes to AdWords this year, though certainly offering a greater range of options across multiple devices, also create additional challenges for PPC campaigns. If you need help with your paid search marketing, or would like to know more about reaching customers using multi-device campaigns, get in touch with our PPC team at


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Pay Per Click – How do you maximise your split testing strategies?

A/B testing can help you increase conversions – this is also known as split testing. Working with split testing gives you a clear insight into what your potential visitors want. Whether you are making small or large changes split testing measures the performance of your website allowing you to make improvements.

Split testing is an experiment used by many large businesses today, proving its worth. The test is best carried out with an audience of a sufficient size in order to getting the most information out of the results. It is a process used to keep costs as low as possible while receiving a greater return.

What benefits can you get out of split testing?

The most important benefit split testing provides is an increase in conversion rate. By increasing your conversion rate, you will be able to lower your advertising costs when using PPC, whilst still increasing your revenue.

Other benefits include that it gives you the chance to improve your overall website score provided by Google. Google use a scoring system between 1 and 10 which gives the chance to measure where your website is currently at so as to make improvements.

What areas can be split tested?

  • Headlines
  • Headings
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Layout
  • Paragraphs
  • Offers

Just taking for example “headings” – testing your heading and making small improvements can have a massive effect. Headings are the first part viewers will read, if it’s not concise and interesting it will have a negative effect by losing the interest of potential clients, and in result decreasing your conversion rate.

When using a pay per click campaign it is always important that you run these tests. Just by making small changes or by using different word selections, you can show a marked increase in your conversion rates, which will also have a positive impact on your income.