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Sometimes a company gets its social media personality just right – there’s a fine line between being humorously playful and being unprofessional, but Tesco Mobile and Netflix have both struck a great balance in their recent responses to online customers.

First off, a Netflix customer service operator casually slipped into a Starfleet uniform to create a fantastic roleplay response to a customer complaint. Even better, the customer gleefully responded in kind…

social media customer service


‘Captain’ Michael turned an irritating complaint into an entertaining exchange with just the right amount of geekery – you can read the entire transcript here.

Tesco Mobile have also proved they have a cheeky sense of humour on Twitter, when what started as a tongue-in-cheek response to badmouthing of the network turned into a multi-brand online party.

First off, Tesco fired off some silly, snarky replies to Twitter users who were less than impressed with its street cred.

tesco twitter customer servie

Filipe took the dig with good grace and the tweet received a massive response. But that’s not the last of it. A few days later, Felipe received a DM from Tesco asking for his address, and the following parcel of goodies was delivered to his door:


Tesco Mobile also shared the love with other Tweeps who jumped on the bandwagon and defended the network against online insults – notably a fella called Ricardo who tweeted a pic of himself responding to a friend’s negative comment on his Facebook wall, saying “gotta love Tescos”.

@tescomobile quickly showed their gratitude, and the pair instigated a bizarre Twitter party, inviting along the Twitter accounts for Yorkshire Tea, Jaffa Cakes, Cadbury UK and Phileas Fogg (Walkers crisps declined their invitation…). The brands bantered and shared imaginary biscuits (or are they cakes?), embodying a very British tea party. The conversation really needs to be seen to be believed, so check out the full thread on Buzzfeed, have a cup of tea, and enjoy.

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10 Essentials for your Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy should have a solid focus for your company’s goals, but should also be flexible and adaptable according to its performance. Developing a successful strategy for your business involves implementing some fundamental elements as well as adding in a few tailored tweaks which will optimise your campaign according to your needs and your audience. Here are ten essentials that should be a part of any social media strategy to get you started:

1) Connect your website
Your social media pages and your website should link to each other clearly and easily. There’s really no point having one without the other. Make it simple for social users to click through to your site, and make sure you display social sharing buttons on your website. Just as social media marketing needs to be integrated throughout your digital marketing strategy, your social media efforts need to be integrated with all your online activity – from blogging to e-commerce, make sure it’s all connected and cohesive.

2) Focus your efforts
Don’t try too hard and stick your fingers in too many pies. Focusing on one or two social sites and putting lots of effort into a single campaign is much more effective than spreading your time and budget across every single platform and outlet you can find. Find your audience, work out how best to connect with them via social media and formulate an efficient plan. This way you’ll find you generate more conversions and higher quality engagement.

3) Target and re-target
Target your social audience correctly – do your research to find out where they like to hang out online and the kind of interaction they respond to. Retargeting uses information and analytics gleaned from previous campaigns to specifically target audiences who have already visited your site or engaged with you via social media and maximise the potential for conversion.

4) Use multimedia
Users are more likely to click through a link that contains an image or a video than plain text. Use multimedia to emphasise your point, to entice readers, to show off a product or service, to entertain, or to bring an ad to life. As with all aspects of your social media marketing campaign, make sure you know what kind of images and multimedia will appeal to your audience and tailor your content accordingly. YouTube is one of the most powerful search engines on the internet – creating and posting your own content can be very effective in boosting your search rankings.

5) Track keywords and related news
Keep on top of news, blogs, videos and any content that relates to your business, your products, your services and your industry. And see if there’s a way to link your business to current news and popular culture – turning up at the top of a search for the subject of a recent new story or posting a tweet that will do the rounds with a popular hashtag can do wonders for your page views!

6) Keep original content flowing
Write and post original content regularly and link to previous blog posts or content relevant to your subject. But most of all, make sure your content is actually worth reading – an endless stream of sales blogs is never going to encourage your customers to stop and read your work. Give them a reason to engage with your content – see point 4) and 5) for a few starting suggestions!

7) Respond and engage
Social media is not one-sided. Make sure you keep track of all your interactions and respond to every enquiry, every question and every complaint. Be communicative and show your followers it’s worth engaging with you. Show them that you’re not a faceless business, but a group of people with ideas and passions.

8) Follow up
Using a theme, a personality or a recurrent schedule for your content and your social media posts can be a good method of breeding familiarity with your followers. Follow up on previous blogs and subjects, remind customers of conversations you’ve had in the past or revisit old campaigns.

9) Don’t forget email
Email marketing and social media can work hand in hand too – make sure your social buttons are incorporated into each email you send out to customers, and try to give them a reason to become a part of your social community. Customers who receive email newsletters are more likely to share content via social media. Similarly, use social media to encourage followers to sign up for newsletters or enter promotions to gather soft leads in the form of email addresses.

10) Shape and reflect your brand
Most of all, make sure your social media activity both reflects and shapes your brand. Let your customers see who you are as a company by displaying your company’s unique personality, and be open to adapting your social profile according to the responses and the reactions of your followers.

About Ikroh SEO tm

Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.