Shutterstock Joins Facebook Advertising

Over 1 million advertisers on Facebook will be given access to high-quality Shutterstock photos and illustrations using the Ad Create Tool in a new alliance between the social platform and the image marketplace. This collaboration could be very beneficial to Facebook marketers looking to create engaging and vivid ads that will appeal to their targeted audience, and certainly a valuable boost to smaller businesses whose budgets may not stretch to professional photography.

Shutterstock’s database contains over 28 million royalty-free images, videos, vectors and illustrations, and Facebook advertisers will be able to choose up to six images at a time within Facebook’s ad creation platform. This will be especially useful for small to medium sized businesses who often do not have the access or budget for quality marketing photography. One of the most important aspects of any social ad is its image, and shoddy, badly-lit amateur photos just don’t cut it when fighting against a million other advertisers on Facebook for ad space.

shutterstock facebook advertising

Jon Oringer, Shutterstock’s founder and CEO explains: “Businesses of all sizes need compelling, high-quality imagery in order to compete and to communicate with their audiences. We’re working with Facebook to make it easier than ever for them to do just that.”

The access to Shutterstock’s library via Facebook advertising will be free, with Shutterstock contributors receiving the appropriate royalties when their images are used. The service should be available to Facebook advertisers within the next few weeks, so make sure you swap out your bland ad photos for something more inspiring next time you run an ad on the social network!

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