How to Use Marketing Hashtags on Twitter

Need help choosing a memorable hashtag for your Twitter campaign? Twitter has just released a handy little flow-chart just for you. Work out the best way to encourage followers to use your hashtag by:

  • Adding value to existing conversations
  • Creating interest around your brand
  • Providing incentives
  • Amplifying your reach
  • Working alongside promoted posts and products
  • Incorporating other social platforms and multimedia
  • Associating your hashtag with topical subjects and news

If you’re going down the wrong path, the flowchart can get you back on track, as well as providing a few tips and suggestions for other ways you can develop your campaign.

So get into the flow and get your hashtag trending!


twitter hashtag marketing

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What Makes a LinkedIn Company Page Successful?

Over 3 million businesses have created Company Pages on LinkedIn, showcasing over 1.275 million products and services to customers and business connections. Does your company have a LinkedIn page yet? And why should you make one?

LinkedIn has presented details of some of the most successful Company Pages in the infographic below (including essential information about the amount of ‘ninja-related’ pages, obviously), and while some of the stats could be seen to be grasping at straws (hottest and coldest location, anyone?), there are some interesting insights into what comprises an effective LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn company pages

LinkedIn named Mashable as having the LinkedIn page with the most engagement, though since its target audience are regular users and advocates of social media, perhaps its stats show a skewed vision of the capabilities of a less internet-related company. The most useful stats, however, show which updates perform the best with users, centring around interviews, behind-the-scenes looks at businesses, and company branding. Next on the popularity list are posts concerning career opportunities. Then we have tips and how-tos, best practice guides, fun facts and quotes. LinkedIn certainly leans more towards B2B than other social media outlets but nonetheless a personal approach still seems essential in engaging with followers on the platform.

The business network also recently unveiled a new feature which allow users discover who has viewed their updates – statistics which will help determine how different posts perform with contacts of different ‘degrees’. Similar to Google Plus’ ripples, the tool can assist users to track posts and adapt marketing strategies accordingly. It can also help to forge new connections with followers who engage with different updates.

What makes your LinkedIn profile or page tick? And how do you engage with your followers on the business social network?

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Drowing in Data? A Mini-Guide to Website Analytics

Are you drowning in data? Feeling overwhelmed by analytics? Every professional search or social marketing will tell you that keeping close tabs on your website performance and analytics is essential in developing a successful online marketing strategy but if you’re finding it hard to understand which metrics matter to your company, you may be making some ill-guided decisions.

Firstly, if your website data matters to you (and it should), hiring a professional web analytics firm to handle your SEO and/or social media marketing is a good first step, and needn’t hack a massive chunk out of your budget. We offer specially tailored contract-free PPC packages for small businesses and start-ups because we think everyone should take their digital marketing strategy seriously while still being able to afford it!

website analytics tips

So, back to basics: how can you make sense of your data and pick out the essential elements to help you keep track of your website performance? On a simple level, it comes down to three main points:

1) Visitor behaviour

2) Website performance

3) Conversions

To gauge the value of each of these elements, you need to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your website and set specific goals to help you track relevant activity. Look at the breakdown below and think about the type of goals you could put into place to gather information on each point.

Visitor behaviour:

  • Where are your visitors are entering your site and which landing pages are getting the most visits?
  • Are visitors are leaving your website too soon?
  • How are visitors are navigating your site?
  • Are visitors making purchases/enquiries?

Website performance:

  • Which pages perform the best (and worst)?
  • Where are visitors leaving your site?
  • Are visitors being called to action and making conversions?
  • Are your pages loading fast enough?
  • Is your website connected to your social media sites?
  • Where are your visitors coming from?
  • What devices are visitors using to access your site?
  • Are your SEO and PPC campaigns performing well?
  • What keywords are customers using to find your site?


  • What is inciting customers to buy/sign up?
  • Where are your conversions coming from?
  • What is driving customers to your site?
  • Which pages lead to successful conversions?

In today’s business world we have an over-abundance of data and sometimes trying to deal with too much at a time can be the downfall of a company’s marketing strategy. What you really need to know is whether your visitors making purchases (hopefully, yes!) and how you can best track the KPIs of your website and the details of these conversions to make the most of future marketing efforts. You can leave the rest up to us!

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Make the Most of the ‘Summer Slump’ with Social Media

summer slump business tips

The ‘summer slump’ is a common complaint for businesses – when the weather gets hot and customers head off for their holidays, business gets slow and companies get lazy. But summer is a great time to revitalise your marketing strategy, especially with social media – make the most of your customers feeling a little more laid back and having some time off to engage, interact, and bring out some innovative summer-based promotions.

During slow seasons and periods it can also be useful to  make plans and set down the groundwork for new campaigns or changes to your website that can be rolled out in the autumn when business picks up again. That way you’ll be in the strongest position possible to match and exceed your competitors when summer is over.

Here are just a few ideas for making the most of the summer slump with social media:

  • Refine your marketing message according to your followers’ responses and reactions – take this time to test out some new ads, a new style of content or create some great videos or images to share;
  • Focus on products and services and the best way to promote them to followers on social media – perhaps a promotion to get rid of end-of-season stock;
  • Refresh your website copy or take some time to create new blog content and find related sites and blogs to guest-blog or post articles on;
  • Test out new lead generation techniques and keep in contact with soft leads via email marketing and social media;
  • Connect with your existing customers and invite recommendations for how you can adapt and improve your service;
  • Train employees to help out with your social media activity – a quiet time in the office can be a good chance to improve your staff’s online customer service skills.

And, of course, take advantage of the slower summer months to take a break yourself – that way you can hit the ground running when it’s time to ramp up your business activity when the slump passes!

For help with any aspect of your digital marketing strategy, from SEO to PPC, social media to business copywriting, are here to make your online marketing campaigns as successful as possible. Just give us a call or make an appointment to pop into our Milton Keynes offices for a chat.

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Keep on Top of Your Email in 10 Easy Steps

email tips

Is your email inbox giving you anxiety attacks? Then this blog post is for you.

Right, get yourself a cuppa, sit down, and get your email situation sorted… and keep it manageable for the future. “It can’t be done!” I hear you cry. Rubbish. We can get you back on track in ten steps:

1. Keep your work and social emails separate – or at the very least divert emails to separate folders so that they’re easy to look through.

2. Take five minutes at the beginning of your day to blitz through your inbox and get rid of any marketing or spam (preferably unsubscribing to anything you’re not actually interested in), and respond to emails that only require a simple answer.

3. Create a ‘filing system’ for different types of emails and archived mail. That way you can go straight to the appropriate folder instead of getting distracted by unrelated emails…

4. Delete emails that don’t contain information you will need to reference later, and file away those that do. Streamline your inbox and it’ll be much less scary.

5. Set yourself an email cap – say when your inbox reaches 50 unread emails – then it’s time to knuckle down and get it sorted. No more denial!

email tips

6. Shift unnecessary/frivolous interaction to social media rather than endless and time-consuming back-and-forth email conversations with friends.

7. Update message subjects when the content moves to a new subject – simple but it definitely helps everyone involved to keep track of info within a long email conversation.

8. Ask yourself: would it be easier for me to just call this person and talk it through over the phone?! Seriously. Pick up the phone sometimes. It can save you ten frustrating emails.

9. Similarly, if you’re out of the office, use the phone or text messages to reply to emails – it’s much more effective than trying to type out an email on a smartphone or tablet.

10.  And finally, be ruthless. Your work email account should not be a place of fear. Get rid of anything that doesn’t help you be productive and get into the habit of dealing with correspondence as quickly as possible. Once it’s done, it’s done, and your inbox will be forever manageable (and sometimes even clear)!


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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.