Facebook Removes Cover Image Restrictions

Facebook cover image restrictions

Facebook has reduced the number of restrictions on business page cover images, freeing up companies to make use of their timeline cover to publicise contact details, promotions and calls to action. Though many business users may have been oblivious to the guidelines before, the site has now made it easier for company pages to utilise the striking visual cover area to draw attention to their website, product pricing, or encourage users to click the like button.

Facebook removed all but one of its restrictions on cover images for Facebook pages, which is that text may occupy no more than 20% of the image. Cover images may now contain any of the following previously restricted items:

* Contact information (eg: website URL, email address or phone number)

* Price and purchase info (eg: special offers or details of retailers)

* References to Facebook actions or features (eg: encouraging users to ‘like’ the page or ‘share’ posts – this includes inserting an arrow into your cover image that points to any of these features)

*┬áCalls to action (eg: “visit us today for 20% off”)

It’s certainly within a company’s interests to make the most of these lifted restrictions and alter their cover image according to seasonal promotions, or to add in pertinent info that will help keep users on their page and encourage sharing and interaction. Some marketing ideas for updating your cover photo include:

* Adding a voucher/checkout code for a temporary offer on your website

* Directing users to your Facebook shop interface, gallery, the ‘like’ button, competition or other relevant tab

* Asking a question and encouraging users to join in conversation on your Facebook wall

* Adding your website address, email or phone number for ease of contact

* Promoting seasonal offers

* Providing info about your company in text form to accompany your image

* Turning your cover image into a changeable gimmick – for example changing weekly or monthly to align with a particular theme, or providing users with a ‘fact of the day’ or similar…

It will be interesting to see the reaction to this new development from marketers and brands – how will you change your Facebook cover photo to take advantage of the new rules?



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