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With social media becoming one of the most important aspects of any internet marketing campaign, it’s important to be able to integrate your social efforts into your search marketing division, including your PPC advertising campaigns. It may not be immediately obvious how the two diverse approaches can work together, but there are several ways to incorporate social media with your paid marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site, increase conversions and improve your visibility.

PPC is best used for temporary or short term campaigns and promotions, and this can tie in extremely well with social media marketing and advertising. Here are a few ways to directly use PPC and social media together:

  • Use PPC ads to direct users to your Facebook page or social media profile with a strong call to action to participate or gain some sort of benefit.
  • Raise awareness of your social presence using PPC ads.
  • Link your PPC ads to a social media promotion or competition.
  • Direct users from PPC ads to multimedia such as a promotional/instructive video on YouTube

A more indirect method of utilising PPC and social media together to further your marketing efforts is a technique called ‘remarketing’. By using social media, you can specifically target your desired audience to raise awareness of a particular product or promotion, driving large numbers of new users to your website or specific landing page. It may be that a small number of these users actually turn into customers, but you will have gained valuable exposure to your website in the meantime. With remarketing, you can reap the benefits of this increased exposure by targeting new PPC ads directly to this new audience. With AdWords you can even drill down into highly specific elements such as users who abandoned their purchase at the checkout stage, targeting these ‘almost customers’ directly, in the hope that an extra nudge will be all that is needed to turn them into true customers.

The theory is that your brand and website will be familiar to them and therefore hold more weight with regard to future purchasing decisions. There are various ways to tap into this familiarity and trust, and target your PPC advertisements to entice these users back and convert them to customers, for example:

  • Using the same image used on the original landing page your new traffic accessed
  • Echoing wording or content used on the original landing page to remind them of why they visited your site in the first place
  • Offering an additional incentive such as a discount or free shipping
  • Offering a similar product to one users have viewed or purchased
  • Offer email or newsletter subscriptions with product updates and incentives

Using social media and PPC together means bringing the best of both worlds into harmony – the brand awareness of social media and the immediate call-to-action of PPC. Use social media to drive traffic to your website and use PPC to raise awareness of your social media campaigns, then recalibrate your targeting to make the most of every marketing move you make, turning traffic into conversions and broadening your audience as you do so.

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