Why launch a PPC campaign?

A common question clients ask us regarding paid search marketing  is: “Do I need a PPC campaign?” The answer is usually “yes”, because every business can benefit from PPC, but the requirements and goals for each paid marketing strategy will be particular to each company. And that’s where an experienced PPC specialist like Ikroh comes in…

PPC is not simply a case of following a set of standard steps and watching for magical results – pay per click advertising takes skill and technical ability to perform effectively, and has several advantages over the ‘long game’ of SEO. For example, if you are launching a new website, product or promotion, PPC can give your business a boost by spreading awareness and increasing visibility, and drive traffic directly to specific landing pages. PPC is easily tracked and analysed to show you exactly how well your campaign is performing over its duration. And if things aren’t going quite as planned, your campaign can be tweaked and adjusted to improve its performance.

Another advantage of PPC is the chance to target a wider range of keywords than you might be able to with SEO. If you are targeting highly competitive keywords for organic listings, you may find a PPC campaign using a variety of detail-specific keywords will help to improve your search ranking without having to enter into direct competition with larger companies.

As a short term strategy, PPC can often generate a higher conversion rate for a range of keywords, so long as your text, keywords and landing pages are fully and professionally optimised, and your campaign is managed with skill. At Ikroh we can improve your online visibility within 24 hours with a PPC campaign, ensuring your cost per click is within your budget and you see the results you are after. We also offer PPC management services for small or startup businesses with no tie-in contract, so that you can maximise the effect of PPC advertising without having to commit to a longterm contract.

Get in touch for more information or to discuss your PPC needs with one of our friendly and experienced staff at Ikroh. You can also download our FREE guide to PPC below:

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