Ferrari Crowned the King of Social Media

Ferrari #1 social media

Ferrari #1 social media


Pass Ferrari the social media crown – last week they hit the 8 million figure on Facebook with enough fans to populate the whole of London, or the entire country of Austria. They also topped the G+ race with over 500,000 fans on Google’s social media platform, making them not only a leader in the motoring world, but also social marketing in general.

As a thank you, Ferrari created the following video of the f458 Italia writing the number 8,000,000 on the Fiorano race track:



Love it. I’ve been informed by the boss that when Ikroh hit a similar figure, we’ll be drawing the number in … um … coffee cups? Yeah.

But back to Ferrari… Their numbers on Google + are a real signifier that the search giant’s social media platform is worth investing in, and certainly still one to watch. The guys at the Prancing Horse have increased their fanbase at G+ tenfold since the beginning of 2012, with fans not only from America, the UK and Italy, but as far flung as Libya, Samoa and Iran. In China, the Ferrari brand has quickly become the most popular in its segment on the top Chinese social network, Weibo.

Ferrari G+ success

So what are Ferrari doing right, besides being a recognisable, trustworthy, glamorous worldwide icon? Well, they have dedicated twitter accounts for various departments and events,  they are extremely active on Facebook and G+, posting news, images, videos, interviews, realtime updates on racing days, and providing opportunities for fans to participate online and share their own content (for example their current event Passion Day at Mugello with the Scuderia Ferrari Community).

But even if you’re not a multi-billion global company (you know, some of us aren’t, and that’s ok), you can still kick some social media butt by making your content and your social presence VALUABLE, INTERESTING, and SHAREABLE. And if you need a hand, Ikroh can help.

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