Options For Fixed Price Pay Per Click

Several companies offer fixed price Pay Per Click, is this a good deal? The simple answer is not really. The reason this does not work is that the bid price of the keyword/s are forever moving. Google and all the other search engines operate a bid price to get your words and phrases on the first page. The only way a company can offer this service is with a bundle where they club together some lower value words and phrases. They will also set a limit on the click price so they do not lose money! They would then make their money on the difference that they buy and sell the click for.

An ethical Internet marketing company that specialises in organic search and PPC will not offer this service. The reason for this is that they want your online marketing activity to be successful. Part of a successful online marketing strategy is working with the client to achieve the best results. This is why the campaign should be reviewed regularly with the clients to make sure that the clicks equal sales. Successful online marketing does not mean that you have spent all of the budget and achieved the number one spot on Google. A truly successful campaign should be judged on the conversion rate, the clicks vs enquiries. We would recommend that all companies using a PPC campaign should set up website tracking. Perhaps with a unique telephone number that records the sales calls and obviously these calls entered in the in house customer record system. The results for an e-commerce site should be shown by the company running the PPC campaign in a monthly report. The report should also show the keyword tracking.

What is involved in a PPC campaign and can I not just set one up myself?
A fully managed campaign is exactly that – fully managed. The advertising campaign needs a strategy to build visitors, so every keyword that is targeted needs to be relevant to the search, and landing pages on the site should be carefully selected or even created especially for the campaigns. Someone that lands on the page (that you have just paid for) is going to expect the page to be relevant to their search. If they cannot find the information within the page they are likely to research again, and you have lost them and wasted your hard earned money! Higher conversion rates to sales are achieved when the customer gets to find exactly what they have searched for on the page they arrive on. So bespoke landing pages may need to be created to cater for the PPC campaign.

There is a lot to think about when putting together your Pay Per Click campaign. The last thing that you want to do is lose your advertising budget on a campaign that does not generate any income. Many agencies consider a successful campaign is spending your money! We want you to see a great return on your investment. Click for more information on Pay Per Click.

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Wikipedia is top of the pops!

picture frame

picture frame

Wikipedia is one of the most favoured resources for information across the world. This useful tool is packed full of information on just about every subject imaginable and certainly must be a huge help to school children all over the world. It allows members to add or edit information on any subject, this can then be changed if it is incorrect or updated. Unfortunately this can lead to inaccurate information being live and unnoticed for some time.

A recent study into Google searches show that Wikipedia is on the first page for most subjects. This independent test shows the power of content on a website. The test was run over one thousand words that were generated randomly. In some cases Wikipedia was positioned higher than the company that was searched for! Interestingly across nearly all of the searches Wikipedia came out on the first or second page. Good quality content on websites has become one of the most important factors in Internet search results. Wikipedia also has a huge number of other website linking back to it, which is another important factor in Google’s search results. We did our own study and chose some random words and they all also came out on the first page including ‘picture frame’. Try this yourself and let us know if you can beat the Wiki?!

Ikroh can manage, advise or completely run your online content and social media campaigns and with Ikroh-Base we have a fixed price SEO solution that suits every budget. We also offer a completely bespoke SEO & Social Media services, including content writing for your website.

Google releases Chrome browser on Android smartphones and tablets

multi device PPC campaigns

Here at Ikroh we are big fans of Chrome and so pleased to see Google has just released a version of its Chrome browser for Android-based smartphones and tablets. Google’s great strategy of pushing out products before they are fully ready to see how well they are received means it is currently in beta release.

Ikroh SEO Rank 6th Best Enterprise SEO Company In February 2012

Ikroh SEO has once again ranked 6th on this month’s list of the best enterprise SEO companies. topseos release monthly rankings lists following rigorous evaluations, delivering a list of the best of the best internet marketing vendors working in the SEO industry in the United Kingdom.

“It is always a great honor for Ikroh SEO to be presented with such an acknowledgement. We hold topseos in high regard and being part of this ranking is an indication of our hard work and efforts,” said Daniel Wright, Managing Director.

Ikroh SEO has been included in this list for some time due to our consistent performance and the delivery of superior services to our clients. As always, this doesn’t mean we are standing still – we will continue to strive to be even better. We prize customer service and want our clients to be happy with the services they receive as well as the way those services are delivered. Despite being the smallest company in the top ten, that definitely doesn’t reflect the size of our aspirations, so watch us as we continue to move up that list!