2011 round up from Ikroh SEO

Wow, 2011 was a busy year for us! So busy we had little time left to write this blog. A big thanks goes out to all our clients for keeping us so busy!

Here is a brief round up of 2011:

2011 saw the the roll out of Google+. It was reported as having up to 10 million users within the first 24 hours or launch. Since launch we have been keeping a watchful eye on its progress. There seems to be a lot of interest surrounding its future and the significance of the +1 feature in search algorithms. This year we have seen a massive increase in global brands and our clients adopting social media marketing into their online and campaign strategies, and some of the results have been spectacular.

Google’s Panda update in 2011 affected a number of global high ranking sites and gave headaches to a number of webmasters, with Google now paying much more attention to spelling and grammar. Globally, Google accounts for an astounding 80% of all searches [http://marketshare.hitslink.com/search-engine-market-share.aspx?qprid=4] so it’s well worth fixing any mistakes quickly.

January saw Twitter lifting all censorship on political and controversial content. Twitter is still the primary source of breaking news and celeb gossip and despite fierce competition is still growing in new user sign ups.

And who could forget about Facebook reaching 800 million users in September! [okay, that one may have passed you by if you aren’t spending as much time as us tracking social media usage!]

Finally 2011 has undeniably been the year of mobile smartphones; mobile online users have enjoyed more app services, delivering a more streamlined user & buying experience. This increase has led to mobile marketing and reaching users on the go as a key driver for commercial growth.

We look forward to posting again soon.