IPv4 Addresses Could Run Out by August

The number of internet-connected devices is predicted to reach twice the world’s population by 2015 – over 15 billion in total.

Cisco, in its annual forecast of upcoming technology trends, has estimated some pretty incredible (and scary) stats for the future, such as:

  • 1 million minutes of video will be watched online every second
  • over 40% of the world’s population will be online – nearly 3 billion people
  • internet traffic will hit 966 exabytes per year

This quadrupling of internet traffic is going to cause problems for the finite number of IPv4 addresses available – industry experts suggest that all IPv4 addresses could be assigned by August. Therefore the adoption of IPv6 is going to be an immediate concern – although many consumers and technology companies are resisting this change. Another worry is the ability to control and handle the huge projected pressure on internet traffic to keep consumers connected and content.

You can read more about this at BBC Technology News.


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Google Speeds Up Search

Google’s new Instant Pages claims to knock 2-5 seconds off page loading time, and voice-activated and enhanced image searches are apparently on the horizon.

Despite the recent forays into social media, Google asserts that “search remains its core focus” – and the giant still dominates the search world, although Microsoft Bing is snapping at its heels as of the last year. Bing’s searches have risen 2% in the US since December 2010. A small percentage on first look, but not when you take into account the billions of requests made each day of search engines. Google, in turn, has lost 1% of the search share in the same time period.

Instant Pages assists with quick searching by pre-loading the top search result page – showing it in the background while the user decides which result to click on. Most search users choose results from the first page, and the number one spot is obviously the coveted spot – therefore by already loading the most commonly clicked page, when the link is chosen the page appears instantly. Compared to Instant Pages, most websites take between 3 and 5 seconds to load.

Google’s Amit Singhal explained: “We at Google will not be happy until we make the Web as easy to flip through as a magazine. We are obsessed with speed. We often say speed is still the killer app.”

Instant Pages is a quick follow on to Google Instant, rolled out last year, which provides results while queries are still being typed into the search box. It will be made available to Chrome users over the next few weeks, with Firefox and Explorer users having to wait a little longer.

According to Matt Rosoff, Business Insider’s west coast editor, Google’s aim is to ‘make the web faster’, “As far as Google is concerned it is another thing that will continue to draw people to Google and make sure they don’t leave for another competitor like Microsoft.”

Voice-activated search is also hot on the heels of Instant Pages – a feature already available on mobile devices – and is to be added as a tool on all Google searches made on your personal computer. A small microphone icon to the right of the Google search box will enable vocal searches that are able to differentiate between accents, pronunciations and colloquialism. Approximately 230 billion words per day are being added into Google’s language bank, increasing its effectiveness in what Google sees as the future of search.


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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

SEO Keyword Research

Choosing keywords or key phrases for your website is vital to any SEO marketing campaign and can play a big part in the way your website performs and the results it gets. Choosing the correct keywords requires careful research, however.

Choosing incorrect or ineffective keywords can easily lead to online failure. A good way to think of the words that would best suit your business is to imagine what your customers will type into search engines to find what they are looking for. Often, this can be quite different to the keywords you might have chosen for your website initially.

Sometimes it is better to use a less competitive keyword to improve ranking, rather than trying to take on an already oversaturated market. There are many other aspects to be taken into consideration to ensure the best results, and we research in detail when choosing keywords for our clients. We will put together a list from which we select the words and phrases that best suit the budget and aims of each company, to best achieve success.


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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Facebook Facial Recognition ‘Covert’ Update

Facebook facial recognition

Facebook has very quietly launched an update to its facial recognition technology, which has had a knock-on effect on many users’ privacy settings. Once again, members are slightly rattled by the fact that Facebook has enabled the service without giving any notice.

Facebook now checks newly uploaded photos and if facial recognition finds a match, it will suggest a tag. One of the more annoying features of Facebook – especially for the camera-shy – is the ability for friends to tag you in any photo, whether you look fantastic or ridiculous… You still have to option to un-tag yourself, but for many the humiliation has already been done.

Not necessarily the most worrying of privacy settings, although many people are uncomfortable with Facebook ‘knowing what you look like’, and the general automatic nature of privacy updates continues to be a bone of contention for Facebook users. Instead of the current – sometimes covert – privacy changes, there is a general opinion that many settings should be ‘opt-in’ rather than enabling across the board and users having to ‘opt-out’ if they don’t approve.

Another notorious Facebook error seems to be the complicated and often circuitous route to actually changing your own security settings – many members find it confusing and there are reams of message boards and forums devoted entirely to finding your way around the system.

You may want to disable “suggest photos of me to friends” to avoid the automatic recognition service scanning for your face in others’ photos. To do this, you need to:

* Go to your Facebook account’s privacy settings.

* Click on “Customise settings”.

* Under “Things others share” you should see an option titled “Suggest photos of me to friends. When photos look like me, suggest my name”.

To check it’s worked, you need to:

* Click on “Edit settings” and the drop down box should say “disabled”.

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

SEO and online marketing for small business

SEO internet marketing

All small business owners have great ambition for their companies to grow and become successful. For online business, internet marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is essential to getting results and competing in a massively competitive market. To be visible to customers, a website needs to appear early in search result pages (SERPs), and SEO makes that happen.

Achieving number one results does not happen overnight and is not something that is easy to do. It takes time, effort, experience, expertise and a clear vision. Search Engine Optimisation, or online marketing, is comprised of various different key aspects which work towards providing the best results for your business. Many users with little experience tinker with SEO, employ cheap, unethical cowboys or create a marketing campaign but don’t follow it up with any action. It is fact that most of these companies in the long run fail, wasting all their efforts and hard work.

How can SEO marketing affect small business?

SEO is vital to online commerce, ensuring your website gets noticed and visited. Some benefits of SEO include:

  • Increasing online visibility
  • Providing an opportunity for your business to grow
  • Building a strong company brand
  • The chance of competing with the largest competitors in your industry
  • Getting people talking about your services

By providing your customers with a great service, you can be sure they will be happy to revisit and use your services again, as well as recommending your website to others.

SEO internet marketing

The success of SEO goes on and on and on and starts with a marketing plan!!

Ikroh has years of experience providing SEO and internet marketing services worldwide. We have watched small companies with low budgets develop their SEO until they are competing with the largest names in their industry. As one of the top UK online marketing companies we deliver a marketing plan and great service tailored to your business. Unlike many other SEO companies, we do not tie you into a contract – each and every client we work with remains with us because they are happy and confident in our ongoing work, rather than because they are stuck in a contract!



About Ikroh SEO tm

Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.