SEO and Social Media Marketing Must Work Hand in Hand

I think we might have said this…. oh, only a few hundred times before. An online marketing strategy is not just SEO. It’s not just search and ads and analytics. Social media is not sitting meekly in the corner waiting to be asked to dance – social media is the party animal dancing with its shirt off on the coffee table singing “We are the champions!!” You can only ignore it for so long.

Any online business, large or small, can benefit from implementing social media into their marketing plans. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but you need to do something. Social media marketing can help with SEO, it can raise awareness of your company, promote products and services, act as a great customer service platform, increase brand strength and help customer relations in a big way. Even Matt Cutts thinks so, don’t you Matt?

Matt says, “You’re SO right, Ikroh.”


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Matt Cutts on nofollow links and PageRank sculpting

Matt Cutts nofollow Google

Matt Cutts gave an interesting answer to the question: “How does Google treat sites where all external links are no-follow?” on Google Buzz recently (you can read his full post here), explaining that despite Google not treating those sites any differently in its rankings, it’s still not a good idea to do it. Nofollow links are dropped from the link graph Google uses in its web crawl, therefore the link is not subsequently used to discover new web pages, and the anchor text from that link is not used in scoring.

“…It neither helps nor hurts your rankings to nofollow all your external links. But it’s a good thing in general (and for your visitors) to link to high-quality sites from your site. Nofollow is great 1) for links to sites that you don’t trust, 2) for paid links, or 3) for links to sites that you don’t want to (or can’t) vouch for. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend putting nofollow on every external link. And it almost never makes sense to put nofollow on internal links–those are links that you do trust and vouch for, because they’re yours.”

Matt Cutts also talks in more detail about PageRank sculpting in this post from 2009 at

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Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Twitter plans to police third-party applications

twitter policing 3rd party apps

Twitter claims to be ‘rethinking’ the way users access its social network by suggesting software developers stop making unofficial clients like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

The service’s recent growth (going from 48 million to 140 million Tweets per day in the last year) has prompted Twitter to ‘take control’ of the situation of multiple third-party applications which enable users to read, write and respond to tweets.

Many developers have been angered by this announcement, calling it ‘appalling’. Ryan Sarver, coding chief at Twitter, explained that increased growth has created the need for ‘consistency’ in the way Twitter is used.

Sarver went on to suggest that the Twitter client building business was not going to continue to be a good place to be. He suggested developers focus more on brand management and monitoring applications that could be applied to Twitter in new ways.

In the last month, Ubermedia, the owner of several third-party Twitter clients, has been cut off by Twitter for violating its terms of use.

Read more about developer reactions to this news at BBC Technology.

About Ikroh SEO tm

Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Ask not what social media can do for you….

customer retention

social media marketing

For social media to be a successful part of any business’ marketing plan, first and foremost, it needs to benefit the customer. No matter whether you’re working B2C or B2B, it’s essential that what you offer via social media is useful and valuable. Otherwise, you’re just another company tweeting and facebooking into the void…

Social media strategists always start by asking: “What is it you want social media to do for your business?” which is all well and good, but often, it’s a good idea to begin by looking at the situation from the opposite side:

What can social media do for your customers?

What will actually encourage viewers to click that link, or view your site, or comment on your post? What’s in it for them? Worrying prematurely about ROI or traffic increase or brand strength is secondary to the simple act of getting your customers’ attention.

Think about:

Where your targeted customers hang out – Are they Facebookers, Twitter addicts, serious LinkedIn types, multimedia sharers, Redditers or Diggers? Do your research and make contact where you’re most likely to get a response.

How you can be unique – What are your competitors doing and how can you differentiate/offer something better?

Content – What is going to be most useful to your customers and what is going to turn them off? Mix up your posts – don’t just feed in endless blog posts. Offer them product information, up to date news, exterior links to relevant industry news, promotions, local news and most importantly – your own opinions and thoughts – entice them to join your conversation and keep them interested.

Support and customer service – one of the great things about social media is its capacity to act as an almost instant customer service platform. As long as you monitor your profiles regularly, you can help and appease customers extremely quickly and show your clients some attentive love.

Exclusive discounts and promotions – social media is fantastic for luring in customers with competitions and special offers. Try to get them involved by adding an extra dimension to their participation – ask for their best stories/ideas/jokes on a specific subject, rather than having them just clicking ‘like’ to be entered into a prize draw. Get them talking and engaged with your company and your brand.

Fun – social media is an ideal way to show your business’ personality. Stay within the realms of good taste and political correctness of course, but utilise the chance to display a human face behind the company – show your customers you appreciate them and value their opinions.

Once you’ve implemented these considerations into your social media plan, then you can start thinking about how to approach each aspect to achieve your marketing goals. All of these things can be adapted to suit different approaches – whether you want to see higher search ranking, more traffic to your site, brand awareness, customer loyalty, ROI – you first need to work out the best way of appealing to your desired audience.


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About Ikroh SEO tm

Ikroh has over 35 years of experience in the industry.