JC Penney’s Black Hat SEO Gets Busted

An interesting story this week: JC Penney has been penalised by Google for implementing black hat SEO techniques to boost search results. The department store claimed ignorance of the methods used to secure top placing for various keywords, but Google have taken steps to manually remove illegal links that were bought to increase ranking. In the last month, JC Penney has dropped significantly from the being the first result for numerous clothing and home furnishing keywords, effectively being buried by the search engine in punishment for employing unethical search techniques.

At Ikroh, we ONLY use ethical, organic, white hat search engine optimisation methods to achieve our results. With diligent, experienced and honest SEO work, your company can compete with the big dogs without resorting to underhand techniques – and as a result you will stay at number one and never be penalised.

The New York Times has a detailed article on the JC Penney scandal here.

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