Increase Your Google AdWords Quality Score with Landing Pages

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Landing pages are one of the main components of a keyword’s quality score. Second only to click through rate, the landing page is an integral factor in determining the quality score. Many times these are overlooked and this can have an effect on your bid price per keyword.

Having a well thought out landing page can also help with conversions. To improve conversions the landing page should be designed around a specifically chosen keyword. Content needs to be relevant, exciting and interesting to keep readers wanting further information, encouraging a customer to carry on reading. By having strong, clear content you will help build further trust within the site from readers’ perspective. And don’t forget about page layout, by making it visually appealing and easy to navigate, information within the landing page will be clearer and key points will be made to stand out.

Google search engine ranks websites using adwords with a score between 1 and 10. To get the best results from the service, experimenting regularly is recommended. The experiment generally carried out is known as split testing. By making slight changes to areas within a specific landing page, you will discover changes to your quality score over time. Examples of some of the changes which can be easily made to deliver improvements are: page layout, page titles or paragraphs.

By increasing your overall quality score you will provide your business with a chance to bid less on a keyword but still gain the same return. In turn, this will increase your website’s conversion rate and provide you the best return from Google adwords services.

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