How Effective Navigation Can Increase Conversions

What is conversion rate?

A conversion rate is the percentage of how many visitors are buying into your service compared with the total number of visitors to your website. There are many different marketing methods you can use to first attract visitors to a website. Once you have the visitors coming to your site in sufficient numbers, it becomes crucially important to have a good navigation system in place to encourage them to convert and so boost your income.

A navigation system within a site is an important part of how well a website flows from page to page providing correct, relevant information for the best route. A navigation system is put together by having internal links within a website, and should be considered at the design stage of your website. If there is no navigation structure in place this forces a user to have to keep thinking about where they want to be. By providing a good navigation system you are also providing users with links for a direct path to your conversion pages.

Navigation within a website can play a large part in achieving sales and goals. Having a good navigation system not only makes a website more user friendly, but will give the chance to turn customers browsing trying to get a better feel, into clients.

Increasing conversion rates is an important aspect of any individual company’s success. Providing a company with a good level of search engine optimisation aimed at the correct audience is going to give you the best possible traffic rate and conversion rate to deliver the best possible results. It is very important that all websites’ navigation is in good order to increase the site’s usability and produce maximum results.

Having a poor navigation system on a website could easily explain a low conversion rate as visitors leave the site when faced with:

  • Having to click too many times to get to the required information.
  • Being provided with irrelevant information causing them to lose interest.
  • Having to register for a service to see the required information or before payment is made.
  • Usability that is not customer friendly making a site difficult to use, with key areas that do not stand out.

Any of these can potentially result in losing customers to either a competitor or another form of service. By having an all round good quality navigation system customers will be led in the right direction and provided with more interest. This naturally leads to a higher conversion rate, helping your business grow.

5 Ways To Make Your Blog Stand Out

When writing a blog you want it to have the best possible chance of keeping consumers wanting to read further. Here are some important guidelines which you should keep in mind.

  1. Writing StyleSome blogs succeed because of the quality of the writing. Providing a blog with a strong writing style will leave readers more interested and show that your company are striving to provide quality in all your interactions with customers, including your blog.
  2. ConnectionsThe power of your network can result in an extremely popular blog, i.e. the more people you know the better! This also gives your company the opportunity to receive more feedback about your blog. Having a popular blog can lead to a good word of mouth marketing and result in even more people finding your company.
  3. TechnologyAdding video, beautiful graphics or music to enhance the written word gives a richer user experience. This also adds another dimension and provides a better style of presentation, as well as maximising your opportunity of a good return on investment.
  4. Early entrance to a marketSome of the top blogs are that popular simply because they were one of the first to blog about their market. Having an early impact with your blog offers even larger benefits as you can provide information that cannot be found in many places.
  5. Time & EnergyMany people start blogs only to write a few and lose energy, and lose interest. It is important to regularly produce quality, fresh information to keep customers checking back for updates. This in turn will also boost your SERP’s.

What is Real Time Search?

Real time search acts as soon as you have thought and typed something. The result will appear in real time straight away with practically no delays. Real time search is based around social media networking sites. With real time there is no need to refresh a page to see extra information, it is updated and refreshed automatically.

When a word or phrase is typed into Google’s search engine, a list of results will be shown in real time for your chosen word or phrase. The information which is shown is from other people on the web discussing in ‘real time’ about the same subject.