Add Some Sparkle To Your Meta Description!

This is something that we’ve just spotted here at Ikroh, and it definitely caught our eye in the Search Engine Results Page, so we wondered what everyone else thought. What had we spotted? A star in the search listings! Adding &#9733 into your meta description inserts an eye-catching ★, which won’t affect your position in the SERPs, but will it make it a more eye-catching result? Another symbol you can add is &#9658 which results in an arrow.

Are these symbols worthwhile, or do they look spammy to potential visitors? Do they display all the time or in every browser? It’s something we will be thinking about as we write our meta descriptions for our upcoming site update, as obviously we all want our listing to be the one that stands out & is clicked by searchers.

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Do People Know You Exist?

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It’s all very well having a website, but if it’s not working for you, it’s wasting money. You may even be getting visitors, but how many are sticking around and becoming customers? A Google AdWords campaign can deliver visitors to your website who are actively searching for your product or service. This means they are already half way to becoming customers!

Leave It To Us

Ikroh SEO will;

  • offer advice on realistic budgets
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