9 Tips to improve your Google AdWords ROI | IKROH

1. Identify the words the will bring you traffic

Just because a word or phrase is related to your business doesn’t automatically mean it is one you should choose for your Adwords campaign. The best keywords are ones which balance popularity with cost while remaining relevant to your company.

2. Content comes straight to the point

You only have a limited number of characters to sell yourself in – make them all count. You should try to mention your product or service in the title line as this is the one that will be underlined, so the visitor’s eye is already drawn to it.

3. Before starting ask yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish with this campaign?”

As in any marketing campaign, you need to understand your goals and know who it is that you are trying to target. With that information you can focus on the key phrases they are more likely to search for, at the times they are likely to be online, and word your ads to appeal better to them.

4. Including a call to action

All marketing copy needs a call to action, and an AdWords ad is no different, you just have less space to put it. Even something as simple as ‘Click here to buy now’ tells the potential visitor that they should (a) click, and (b) do it now!

5. Give multiple ways to respond

On your landing page have the option if appropriate to email or telephone you or fill in a contact form. Giving your visitors more than one choice makes it more likely that they will pick at least one!

6. Testimonials are proven to increase conversations by up to 29%

Adding testimonials to your landing page increases buyer conference as it is a vivid demonstration that you already have client’s who trust you.

7. Track results through an analytics package

You should continue to tweak your Adwords campaign so it continues to perform, but without knowing how it is performing NOW, you won’t know how it needs tweaking. An analytics package will provide the information you need.

8. Split Test Your Ad Copy

Look at having different adverts serving the same keyword to see to gauge which has the highest click through rate. You can then ditch the lowest performing ad and replace it with another in a slightly different style. Continually tweaking like this will ensure your ads are as effective as possible

9. Make sure you differentiate your business to others

With several other ads on the same page, you need to make yours stand out. Think about what makes you different, and see if you can make that clear in your ad.

10. Get someone else to do tips 1 – 9 for you!

Yes I know I said there would be 9 tips, but the easiest way to do all of this is to give us a call and we can manage your pay per click campaign for you, and ensure that your landing pages are effective.

Facebook looking to step up a gear!

Facebook seems to be targeting high profile individuals to add value to its advertising revenues. We have a strong feeling that Facebook will soon be an even better place to generate business as they have snagged yet another executive from Google. Grady Burnett, who led Google’s AdWords business to great success is the latest to move over to the global social networking site.

Over the past year we have seen a large increase in clients utilising Facebook’s ad space. So the big question is when will Google look at trying to obtain shares again? Microsoft currently have an interest of 1.6 per cent stake which sounds small but when you consider the company has an estimated value of $3 billion, it sounds like more of a good deal….

Moving forward we can see Facebook becoming a strong alliance for search companies like us to help our clients generate new business opportunities. It’s certainly one we’ll be keeping our eye on.

Bing? Have you heard of the new search engine?

Bing is the new search engine from Microsoft with a range of exciting features to help you find whatever you’re looking for. Of course, when I say new, I mean it’s the new face of Microsoft’s search…it is actually a replacement for Live Search. The search engine went fully live last week.

We are told that it finds more relevant UK-focused results. The ability to preview the web page before you actually click through should speed up the process of finding the right page, and you may not have to even take the time to type the whole of your search query – after the first few letters Bing will make some suggestions for you. Some of the features are less practical, but make it more of a search experience than other search engines. For example, there’s a new image on the homepage every day. Will it affect your search results? No! But it is a little more exciting than seeing the same page all the time.

www.bing.com has a user friendly interface, and many of the features seem instinctive, and…well…obvious! Being able to see a possible list of related searches, or flick easily to other categories such as image results, is helpful. And the infinite image scroll is just inspired. Whoever thought we wanted to click on to page 1 of 72, 2 of 72, 3 of 72….? You can even  narrow the choice of images by specifying the size, layout, colour, style, & if there are people in the shot, how much of them you want (head and shoulders or just faces).

The most exciting thing about Bing is that it’s evolving fast. It’s still in Beta testing, so new search features will be introduced to improve the user experience even more.

One of the Top 15 SEO Companies

At Ikroh we’ve always prided ourselves on our ethical Search Engine Optimisation skills and delivering results for our clients. While this will always be something we continue to strive for, it is good to know that we’re on the right track. TopSEOs have carried out a thorough, independent evaluation of our company and ranked us as 14th among the best organic optimisation firms in the UK.

TopSEOs looks into many aspects of each SEO company before making its selection. Their evaluation process looks at a company’s knowledge of SEO and the overall customer experience, as well as things that are important for potential clients to consider when choosing an SEO company such as the return on investment.

As a smaller, younger company than many of the others in the top 30, we are proud to see that we are successfully competing with the big UK SEO firms. You can rest assured that we will continue to work hard to drive traffic to all our client’s websites, and increase their return on investment.